wilsdm1 - Rustbucket (beta 9)

(Wils) #1

From the readme:

3rd November 2004


Title:          Rustbucket (wilsdm1)
Filename:       wilsdm1.pk4
Author:         Matt Wilson (Wils)
Email Address:  wils at splashdamage.com
Description:    MP level for id software's Doom 3

Game Types:	  Deathmatch, Team DM, Tourney, Last Man Standing	



Extract the .pk4 file into the base folder of your Doom 3 game folder.
This map requires a full installation of Doom 3.


Thanks to:

David 'Torchy' Edwards, Mark 'nakedape' Fry and Ben 'Mantegra' Davis for
help testing.

Frankie 'Frankie' Hobbins for the offer to create a giant transparent
squid model for the ceiling windows.



This is beta 9. Feedback on just about everything welcome, but I'm most
interested in item layout, specifically the Team DM items.

I can be found on the end of the email address listed above, via ICQ
(4758249), or on Quakenet (irc.quakenet.org). 



Some screenshots (click for big image):

(Wils) #2

…might help if I included the link to the zip :slight_smile:

(Loffy) #3

Looking good. Will dl and try it tonite.
// Loffy

PS. Hope it didn’t steal time from you important “production of a new full game based on the cutting-edge Doom 3 engine”.

(Wils) #4

Nah - I’ve been working on it in the evenings and weekends when it’s been relatively quiet here :slight_smile:

If the map’s worth continuing with, I’d like to sort out the item placement and general layout before adding more detail. I’m also interested in what people think of the size, and what it’s suitable for (i.e. team dm, tourney, ffa?).

I really just started it because I hadn’t had a chance to make a map for the finished game, and a lot of the feel for the physics and stuff only developed in the latter weeks when id were finishing it up.

(Zombie13) #5

Wils, this is a really nice map, thats really well put together… not that none of us wouldn’t expect that from you, I have nothing to say in terms of suggestions at the moment, but I hope this weekend we can test it at our LAN, really excited to kill some mofos on it :smiley:



(Loffy) #6

Just tried it.
Very speedy map; strafejump-friendly. Nice cornering. Item-placement seems ok.
I love the berserkhelmet (“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhh!”).
// Loffy

(Wils) #7

Cheers :slight_smile:

What do you both think about the switching of the RL and CG positions for Team DM? Torchy wasn’t keen on it when we tested it here in the office, so I’ve given the RL a 30 second respawn to try and reduce the fighting over it. I really wanted to make the RL position hard to hold and give the ‘down’ team a place to rally from (which is the side atrium, currently).

(Zombie13) #8

BTW Wils, I am really glad you posted a map up, I was sick of seeing my name on the forum selection page :wink:


([DS]Method) #9

I liked two secrets in your map, Wils. Since you didn’t use ligth switches and doors, I won’t use it in my map either. Somehow I though those things were very important to D3 MP map, since they’ve been in all MP maps. I guess that depends on the map.


(Zombie13) #10

I thought the map was great with no doors,like a babies bottom … with some rust on it ;).The map really flows without them, imo doors are a bit shotty in mp, you should have no doors or a few doors tbh, cause if you are an experienced player and you really listen to the sounds a lot you can tell where people are, and for some who doesn’t listen for sounds in mp that can be a real big disavantage against them, of course there are other reasons, but I find that a large one myself.


(Wils) #11

I didn’t use light switches or shootable lights… yet. I may add them, but I think there are enough corners to hide in as it is. I do think you should try and use as many features as is reasonable (up until the map stops being fun as a result), but I already modulate the light in the teleporter areas to show players when they’re being used, and I think that’s enough for now.

Regarding doors, I tried them in a couple of places to try and break up areas and add tension, but I don’t think the map needs it. It’s twisty enough that there are plenty of blind corners to worry about without dividing it into segments with doors.

If any of you do get some team games played, I’m really anxious to know how the item placement works out (particularly the RL/CG switch I mentioned earlier). Thanks for the feedback so far :slight_smile:

(swelt) #12

Given the power of the RL, I think it’s unlikely that a 2v2 map with only 1 RL will ever work well. Perhaps in a more open map where the CG can really reach it’s potential, but not on a map as close and personal as this. Having 2 RLs will greatly alleviate the problem of lockdown. It’s the main issue I could see without actually playing the map. Perhaps you might consider an RL on both the RL and CG positions then decide (if you want a CG) where the new CG position might be.

Only other thing I was gonna say was that I couldn’t see the reason for one of the bottomless pits - the one that doesnt have the megahealth. It seemed like alot of risk for no real reason, and there’s nothing more aggravating than falling to your death. Perhaps I’ve missed the point of it?

Otherwise, looks great. FPS dips in a few places (main atrium most noticably) but mostly on a par with the standard maps. Nice work.

(Wils) #13

Two RL’s sounds like a plan - I’ll give that a whirl, cheers.

The second bottomless pit (I assume you mean the one with the walkway over it) had a specific feature I was trying out which didn’t really work, so I replaced it with the walkway. In retrospect just removing it makes more sense.

(Davros) #14

did anyone else apart from method find the secrets?

([DS]Method) #15

Torchy, I cheated, as Wils said :slight_smile: I respect pro designers like you guys, so I opened up Wils’ map file and looked at how it was done, then I found the secrets.


(Davros) #16

yeh, there was absolutely no way of me finding them unless i was told about them. thats a sign of a good secret :smiley:

(Wils) #17

I think the cubby hole underneath the bridge is too hard to find. The fact you have to crouch and push towards the wall to get in it without dying doesn’t exactly help either :slight_smile:

The other’s not so bad - it’s the sort of thing you can trigger just by fighting around the area.

(carnage) #18

hi the screens look realy good for this map, it looks awsome, i havent played the doom3 multiplayer yet (havin probs with my game) but dome sp, the map looks realy good anyway, but i dont see any objectives is d3 multiplay like 3q arena where u just kill everyone or is there objectives to do? keep up the good work anyway

(unity) #19

first, i like to say thanx for an outstanding map. i like it a few times more than the bundled dm1-dm4. it works most times perfekt in 1o1, 2o2 and deathmatch :).

But there are still some bugs:

  • in tourney or tdm- mod: after using lots of teleports (perhaps even without) the enemy is going to be invisible … it happens 5 times in a row after testing that map
  • sometimes the enemy is hangin insight of a wal (near by teleporters)l and after that the first effect appears
  • in deatmatch mod: moving within the mega-place results in big lags (allways) and on some other places with 3-4 players in fov performance-lags are very conspicuous (but i think its a main prob for d3-mp :-/)

i hope you ill fix it soon, so i could update our server3! :).

Tested with followin’ hardware:
server: “new” linux-version with 100mbit uplink to the backbone, dual xeon, 2gig ram…
client: Geforce6 (new driver), windows xp, 1gig ram, a64

(nedd3h) #20

Is this map still being worked on?
Is beta 9 still the latest version?