wilsdm1 - Rustbucket (beta 9)

(Hewster) #21

nedd3h… I’m not sure if it ever went beyond beta9 publically,
but I guess Wills suddenly got more important stuff to finish at the
end of 2004 :wink:


(nedd3h) #22

good map! plays well with my mod :slight_smile:
This map is available to play on my modded Doom3 server in AUS.

Server will run to at least end of 08

(Loffy) #23

Did anyone find out how to jump to get to the hidden area? I never found it.

(-SSF-Sage) #24

Decompile and see for yourself… :stuck_out_tongue: I never played this game. Don’t think it’s good. Did try though if I remember right.

(kamikazee) #25

Doom 3 maps are not compiled to .bsps, so you need the .map to play.

This means you can just open it with GTKRadiant or Doom3 Edit.

(-SSF-Sage) #26

Aha! :smiley:

(080711jk) #27

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(kilL_888) #28

hey wils,

i know this is an old thread but i just wanted to tell you that im a big fan of your work. i was a hobby level designer for a long time myself and your work (from wolf:et) inspired me very much in my last few years as a “designer”.

to me it combines oldschool quake3 design with the high detailed stuff that you see in shooters nowadays. it looks simple and highly professional at the same time. its just flawless.

btw. are you still working at splash damage? i sure hope so but i dont see that fancy splash damage avatar on your account here.

if you have the time you can click on my signature to see my old blog where i posted a few screenshots of a few of my unfinished maps and tell me if you think the design is any good. would mean a lot to me.

cheers and keep it up.

(Salteh) #29

Wils works(worked?) at Endrant, I’m not sure where he is now though!

(Pegazus) #30

Endrant appears to be gone. There domain seems to be on sale clicky :frowning:

(Slade05) #31

Well, f*ck!
Wils was so nice in etqw beta irc…