Why are Turkey's so expensive?

(RayBan) #1

Well… it’s been a weird year… I got covid, went partially deaf in one ear, got over that and later on caught the flu… and for some reason went partially deaf in the other ear…

Even after a double vax of the touted cure got sick… but… I’m still here.

Now it’s almost a new year.

So back to the topic, I did manage to buy a frozen turkey, for way to much cash… There is a turkey
shortage here in canada because of an avian flu…

But I managed to cook up a decent christmas dinner for everyone of roasted turkey, cabbage rolls,
mashed potatoes ( lots of butter and whole milk ) … to hell with them 1% and 2% percenter’s… you
cannot make a decent pot of mashed tater’s with water and some chalk added to color it =P

and the stuffing… omg… i nailed it this year… roasted in an over… with cranberry sauce on it, might
have been the best part of the dinner.

Anyway’s… Enough about the food.

I just want to wish EVERYONE, old firends and new a MERRY FISHMUS!!!

(rorgoroth) #2

Well the price really does come down to the AI outbreak.

I work in poultry and my farm has been shut down for 2 months due to confirmed AI less than a mile away, I’m getting paid but cannot work due to my location now until enough time has passed and farms can be cleaned out. Luckily the company I work for also produce turkeys (but in France rathet than the UK) and provide us all one free of charge (8kg - no idea how much that would cost) usually these are fresh and culled/frozen within a month of xmas but this year the bird was from July. There is a huge shortage.

After many years I’m considering gettng out of this job because the AI the past 5 years has gotten so bad and widespread, the biosecurity measures are insane it’s like a monster you cannot see but have to assume it is everywhere and you’re just praying it’s not confirmed nearby or you walk in the a poultry house one morning and 3/4 of your stock is dead on the floor.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all!