Why are ther no complete ETQW mods

(syborfical) #1

After spending countless hours of modding ETQW…

I have come to the conclusion it was made in a way not to be modded.

I can get things working fine. Copy them to my other PC and something breaks and this is just simple scripting. Or will work with one PC but has issues on another one… no idea why and really cannot be bothered figuring out why.

I cannot find any complete ETQW mods which makes me wonder ETQW has been glued together and just works. Or its been programmed so no one else can change anything.

(Susefreak) #2

I don’t completely catch your drift, but I do agree that you need a certain degree of computer literacy to get mods and custom maps running properly in ETQW.

Although there are tools built in ETQW to make it easier (checksums to check the required files and curl to download all the files(which in it’s current implementation has it’s own limitations), yet it doesn’t compare to the ease of installing mods with Steam or other games like Skyrim. I guess this is a legacy of the idTech engines.