Who thinks they should remaster ET


Who thinks they should remaster ET

like not change much but better grapics. Becuase the game is perfect it’s self but if the game is
remaster it and may make this game big again

(ryven) #2

here we go again

(Teuthis) #3

Actually there is ET with HD textures (ET Legacy) but a remastered ET, maybe on the UE4 engine, that would be awesome

(wolfETplayer) #4

ET Legacy is pretty fair remaster.


Yeah I know but what I’m trying to say I know that there is a etlegacy but something needs to get this game more out there again

(KeMoN) #6

If you want the same game with better graphics, then you should support ET: Legacy.
If you want a new game that resembles ET, then you should move to Dirtybomb.

These are your two options.
I don’t know who you are referring to when saying “they”. I can assure you that “they” won’t spend money and resources on porting ET to a new engine and give it nice graphics, if there is no business model in there. Since there is no money to be made with ET, it will never happen.

(Teuthis) #7

i am pretty sure a remastered ET with fresh engine etc would be a hit and it would not need to be free. ET has become a hit because it is highly customizable. Of course being a free of charge game helps but ET would long be a dead game without the possibility to customize the game with mods and maps etc. so a remastered ET on another engine is not a bad idea in general. But ETlegacy is awesome in the interim

(Nail) #8

lol, outside of ETPro, the other mods turned W:ET into a giant festering pile of poo

(twt_thunder) #9

dosen’t people still get it? remastering is what we do over at https://www.etlegacy.com/

(Nerwitz) #10

Noo, no, AND NO. ET is in good place with Legacy team upping the ante every following release. To assume professional developer license a complete redoing of the game is… fair to say, a death sentence. We do know the way current developers on the market abuse the loophole that is offering pay2win abilities to comply with what’s “best for its audiences”. Leave ET off that deal.

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