What Were Your Dirty Bomb Misconceptions?

(SpinnerzNQ) #1

I’m sure we all had misconceptions about how Dirty Bomb works. So how about we talk about it?
One of my misconceptions was how the loadout system works. I remember getting a gold Aura from a normal case and it came with the Blishlok. Of course my first thought was “Holy crap, a re-urrr green dot sight! Whaaaat?!”. Having only really played CoD (and not very often… probably why I’m such a good medic), I thought that the higher the card rarity, the more augments and attachments. I was dumb one…

(gg2ez) #2

I thought this was an objective based game… Then I joined my first public match.

(YeOldeButtcheek) #3

When I first saw the game, I saw all these characters that were shown in ads for DB, then I found out there were only 10 playable characters.
Edit: Is that a misconception?

(MarsRover) #4

It took me a few games on Bridge to realize that the last stage works differently than on Chapel/Trainyard - you have to steal objectives and bring them back.

(XavienX) #5

I thought I would beast with ADSing and quikscpin nubs.

(Jostabeere) #6

I thought Cards like Gold and Silver are inaccessible by f2p players before I started the game.
And I thought they are better in any way. And then I opened the shop page.

(brennanfreak) #7

I thought I was good, but really I’m complete shit at the game.

(gg2ez) #8

I know that feel. You feel like a God until you meet someone better than you.

(RyePanda) #9

Me as a level 5: “Hmm… a lot of people are playing Vassili, he must be really useful. Buys him Oh. Whoops, just remembered I can’t aim.”

(Dawnlazy) #10

It took me quite a few games to realize that there were elevators in Underground, I always dreaded the moment when people would magically appear from the balcony and flank me in my first couple of days.

(Reddeadcap) #11

I thought Phantom would be balanced after his much needed nerf in his latest incarnation

I thought Thunder would be just like he was when he was in Alpha, but his K-121 was luckily buffed but was given to Fragger and Fragger’s MK46 which was pretty much hands down the best was given to Thunder and nerfed and his conc grenades… I… I need a drink to get past how much those don’t even hold to a candle compared to their original functionality when he was in alpha and how they were initially released in the beta, just… just remove that blinding effect and bring back mouse debuffs… please…

“This person has taken this corner and died to the lovely song of my Minigun, hopefully the next 2 or 6 other people coming around this corner now realize theres a Rhi-no… no no… I’m sorry I’m apparently overpowered when you’re using sparks in the most confined of places, or any other merc under 100 health when you can clearly hear me here…”
That was the same person about 5 times in a row taking this path and his friends followed him each time…

(InfernoKun) #12

I thought that once you get in the lvl 30+ you’d have laser aim… til I became level 30.

(N8o) #13

Always thought I was good. Then I found out, I am pretty terrible. RIP

(watsyurdeal) #14

I thought Phantom would be a stealth merc

(zealousHumdinger) #15

First days of DB as newbie (June 2015) without any research or know how:

  1. Oh I see so many people repairing, I see the ‘Teammate Repairing’, maybe I should help too. sits down

  2. C’mon people, all come to EV, push it faster.

  3. Let me help them defuse the bomb, afterall the more the hands the faster the job.

  4. There is no gun like the shotgun.

  5. Aura is OP.

  6. Burst rifles suck.

  7. What the hell… who even uses the Dreiss, what a gimmick gun.

  8. To hell with Stopwatch man, what a long ass game. (now I use this mode to get more missions done in a single match).

  9. Execution… meh what a poor man’s CS:GO (I love it now, feels better than CS).

  10. Screw Arty man, I got no time to point and hold the laser on the ground (now I main him with wall precision).

  11. Bang bang bang… damn no ammo puts down ammo station only for myself.

  12. Fletcher is god.

  13. I’m so good. (now I know I’m s-h-i-t)

I’m sure there were other things, don’t remember all.

(Ballto) #16

for the longest time i thought phantoms katana was his primary and all he had was a revolver/deagle on his katana cards, and that several people could repair one objective if they were engineers

(SpinnerzNQ) #17

How is “Fletcher is god” a misconception? He is god. (Tbh when I first tried out Fletcher I was like “man this guy sucks”)

(SteelMailbox) #18

I saw the blishlok and thought there was weapon customization…

(KattiValk) #19

I thought this was going to be a team game where I’d have to drop ammo and heal. The tutorial got me all excited to push E until I played a few pub matches.

(Ctrix) #20

Honestly, Dirty Bomb came very natural to me. I don’t know if that’s because my most experience comes from Battlefield 3, but I just started playing Metal Gear IV online (since it only now came out on PC) and holy crap did I have no idea how to walk in a straight line in that game when I started. Now that I got a handle on things, looking back I couldn’t even figure out my ass from my head.

You’re precious :'D