What the makeshift editing forum?!

(badman) #1

Seeing how the ETQW Community Site and with it the official editing forum are currently down, we’ve decided to erect this lovely plywood forum for you to post your ETQW editing questions, map & mod showcases, and related discussion in.

Don’t forget that we also have the ETQW Editing Wiki which should cover a good chunk of the basics and get you going.

Anywho, post/edit away!

(Stroggafier) #2

You da man, badman!

(Violator) #3

Yay for Mr Badman! You are a legend sir. :stroggtapir:

Loving the forum icon as well :slight_smile:

(shagileo) #4

How cool is this !!
Now it’s even more easy to check some ETQW maps in this forum.

Go ahead you ETQW mappers, show this SD forummer some maps :cool:

(Shiv) #5

n1 Badman, if there was ever legend for the day its today, and its all yours.

(Paul) #6

Badman is a living legend :wink:

(system) #7

[quote=Paul;205897]Badman is a living legend ;)[/quote]Yes and his new lipstick is so refreshing :stuck_out_tongue:

(Scrupus) #8

Great stuff SD, thanks for the quick action! :smiley:

Return to Castle Stroggenstein!


(ED209) #9

Lick of Stroyent coloured paint and some plants and it’s just like home

(Loffy) #10
  • W… w… who are you?
  • I’m badman.

(pazur) #11

Cool cool… will the editing forum stay here?

(light_sh4v0r) #12

woop, tyvm SD!