What kind of New Mission Types would be great for Dirty Bomb?

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The EV and Samples/Canister missions are pretty good… but I feel like DB could also use variants of them like Heist Missions (which is basically a variant of the Samples/Canister missions but with a new setting like a Bank, with rooftops, ziplines, and a waiting helicopter or something).

The Heists could even be “competitive” in nature… like both teams are “Attackers” and the Bank has like an unplayable faction as enemies (and of course teams can still kill each other). And just to make it interesting each round reveals what item is being put up for the Heist (eg: Equipment Case for each member of the winning team, 10,000 credits for each member of the winning team, etc.)

Other types I’ve thought of would work are VIP Rescue/Hostage missions. BRINK used to have these and I think it might be a good twist to have an “escortable” that can have a dynamic path and not the set ones used for the EV’s.

What other new mission types, or mission types similar to other objective based shooters, could fit or be given a new twist within DB’s quirky universe?


[spoiler]Jesus christ the rewards are too large. 10,000 credits? Do you know how much that is?

Also, having a game mode where there’s no attacker or defender team is nice, but I don’t like the idea because it’s likely to cause lag, due to the AI enemies that spawn.

If anything, having the Heist gamemode be something more along the lines of “attackers try stealing an object defenders don’t know about” would be a better implementation of the idea of expanding the delivery type objectives.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]A VIP/Hostage gamemode would be fun, but implementing it would be rather difficult. Forcing a player to become the VIP would require at least a way to do so without dying, such as going to an extraction point, pressing the action key, and initiating a cutscene where the VIP comes out. The extraction point would have to be at spawn.

The same should be said for the Hostage gamemode. A player would have to go to the extraction point and perceive the game from the viewpoint of the hostage. They can’t move or anything until a player cuts them out of their bindings. Killing the hostage should grant a time penalty for the defenders.

I recommend all this because that having the VIP/Hostage be guided with AI would be a major pain in the ass.[/spoiler]

Also, when I saw the word “quirk” I thought someone threw acid at my face.

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A proper Heist mode should be both teams as Attackers because you want a hilarious tug-of-war over the Objective.

That said maybe the proposed prizes are too valuable. :pensive:

You can just imagine the hilarity and rages that ensues when the RNG shows at the start of a round that the Heist is for an Obsidian or Cobalt card (like once in a thousand rounds!).


I don’t think the Heist gamemode works out nicely with your interpretation of it. Having to program AI and try shoving it into the game, in a multiplayer perspective on top of that, would just run risk of giving players a case of lag herpes or something, or would be very expensive and unfeasible.

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I definitely like the idea of VIP (thought about it myself),and it could be done. On the current OBJ maps it would work really well because of their “linear, but with different paths” kind of nature.

The VIP team could start with one player as VIP with high HP and a good set of weapons etc. Then he could have say four body guards that escort him from one end of the map to the other. Along the way, they have to capture a number of control points (like forward spawn on terminal) to move the defenders spawn away. At the final control point, you must hold it for an extended period of time to wait for the helicopter. Your squad of guards could consist of whatever your team chooses (medics, fire support, sniper, etc).but the VIP must not die at any point along the way.

IDK, sounds like fun to me. What do you guys think?

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Yeah I was thinking of something along those lines… Also in keeping with Dirty Bomb’s sometimes wacky sense of humor, it would be cool if the player running as VIP is rendered in-match as wearing a diagonal sash and a crown… like a Ms. Universe… with the letters “VIP” on the sash. :wink:

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Team Deathmatch.

Lol jks.

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Here’s an idea for a new gamemode:
The attacking team simply has to get as many people into a door/portal/whatever as possible within 5 minutes, while the defending team has to stop them (and then swap sides afterwards like in Stopwatch). The more players that are able to enter the door, the better.

So, whereas in some MOBA games your minions have to rush in and ‘sacrifice’ themselves in the enemy team’s furnace, in this gamemode the actual players would have to run themselves in and sarcfice themselves.

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That’s exactly the Blitz game mode in COD. I guess to give it that Splash Damage flavor, it needs to be a bit like those Japanese game shows or American Ninja Warrior with the weird obstacle courses and traps and things…But still with the endgoal/portal at the end.

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I’ve always been a fan of traditional capture point (stand in a space for an amount of time to capture it) as both attack/defend (both teams attacking and defending points simultaneously) and as offense/defense (one team attacking only versus one team defending only). This wouldn’t involve planting C4.

Capture the Flag would work well too, although that would basically just be the same thing as stealing drug samples on bridge but as its own entire mode, and with both teams doing it at once.

Honestly though this game would benefit a lot from adding more map hazards and ways to push enemies around. More cliffs/death traps… or maybe irradiated objects (ex don’t run on the grass!) and spots to avoid, something to add an extra dynamic to the game. With that kind of stuff implemented, we could come up with even more viable game modes.

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One other thing I thought of is if the game involved like a map with say 3 receptacles for an object… say a Hacking Probe. And basically a team accumulates points by having more Probes in Receptacles.

You hold F to install your Hacking Probe into said receptacles… and if a Receptacle is occupied by an enemy Hacking Probe, someone NOT holding a Hacking Probe (or you dropping yours) can hold F to first eject the enemy’s Hacking Probe… then the guy holding your team’s Hacking Probe holds F to install your Hacking Probe into the Receptacle.

Left clicking a held Hacking Probe will make you hit someone with it (just like with the cannisters). ADS-ing and left clicking with the Hacking Probe will make you throw it.

The other twist is you can also pick-up, run with, and toss the enemy team’s Hacking Probe.

So it turns into this sort of wild… “Rugby with Guns”… :smiley:

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Sorry to necro this, but it’s really one of those types of threads that the forum actually needs instead of turds defending illogical jump sniping or saying the cruddy lag-comp is OK.

I’m going to straight steal a game mode from another semi-popular F2P FPS game because it fits much better to DB’s Mercenary theme versus the other game’s ‘mercenary’ theme…plus the other game sucks.

Cloak & Dagger : 1 player starts with 800HP playing as a Phantom, only equipped with his sword. This phantom’s cloaking ability is always on at

  • 75% transparency while standing still
  • 90% when crouched and still
  • 83% when crouched and moving
  • When walking it drops to 60%
  • When running/sprinting it drops to 40%

and when a damage threshold is taken it shatters and will not reactivate or begin to recharge unless the player has not taken damage from other players or whatever for X amount of time.

The main objective is for the Thief to sneak inside a location being defended by a team of 6 other non-merc players (maybe that dude that got whacked by Phantom in the game trailer) in an attempt to steal and extract 1 of 3 small objectives. Defenders are not made aware of an objective being missing, so they will need to keep their eyes peeled and set up patrols to each of the objectives so the Thief can be spotted and dealt with.

6 players (or if the teams are smart enough to split 3/3 on each objective) shouldn’t have any trouble killing the cloak if they spot the Thief, and even less taking off the 800HP since most players have no issues taking a Rhino down to 80-120 by themselves (before dying to that BS lead wall spraydown).

Only negative I can pull out of the mode is flat-out campers; people with no sight skill who’ll just sit on the objective so the Thief can’t steal one of the objectives. I guess some of the objectives could be in places the players can’t enter (like a gassed area?) but the Thief can.

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Control Points / Power Grid

Multiple points (like the forward spawn point (Control Points) or generators (Power Grid)) around the map, but, in order to get points from the point (1 per second held) you must have fixed the point (making engineers important). If the enemy holds a point, you must destroy it (with a c4 or other damage (making fire supports important)) and then repair it to capture it for your team.

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       problem solved

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       problem solved[/quote]


Stealing/Delivering Carryables is literally Capture the Flag, dude.

If you ask me, we need more King of the Hill or upgrade the old objective a little bit. For example, plant C4 for disabling the EV.

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Going along with what everyone’s been saying, I think an objective where you’d have to capture a point would be great.

For example, the attackers could choose between capturing 1 of 2 points that acted as drop zones and whichever one they captured would be the one where a helicopter would drop a container, similar to Trainyard.

Next up they would have to deliver 2 samples or something along whose lines but depending on what zone they captured, they would be closer to one of samples than the other.

And then… well you take it from there, I can’t think of what you could do next. I feel like I got my idea across though.

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Giving the choice of an easy to capture drop zone which in turn makes it more difficult to actually deliver the samples sounds like a neat idea indeed.

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       problem solved[/quote]


Stealing/Delivering Carryables is literally Capture the Flag, dude.

If you ask me, we need more King of the Hill or upgrade the old objective a little bit. For example, plant C4 for disabling the EV.

Yes, objective stealing is capture the flag. But wouldn’t it be awesome if…

2 teams. 2 objectives: to steal the other team’s flag. No specific attacker/defender, both sides are competing for the same goal.

So basically, objective stealing is CTF, but it’s not rrreeeaaalllyyy CTF either.