Very little map

(Arobeuze) #1

Urban Territory BETA VERSION

Very little map for my first mapping experience
RTCW Style map 4 vs 4 for Enemy Territory
No mortar , no airstrickes , no mines , no constructible , …
Skill & Frag Only

Basic compilation (light fast sample 2 filter) had has various problems ( … very little experience in mapping & scripting )

More details , others stuffs & complete compilation in final version

(blacknirvana) #2

looks more like a cs map to me… miss the ww2 atmosphere… but i’ll tjek it out anyway.

Great idea

(ziege) #3

Pics look nice, not sure about the cars though, they look too boxy. Do the cars drive around?

(Qimen) #4

nice map!
Some missions and that will be great.

(Arobeuze) #5

V2 UP (in day / new sewer / new spawn point)

Do the cars drive around?

No sir , in futur version …

(niko) #6

map looks nice

i think we have an Urban Terror (q3 mod) fan in our midst

(Arobeuze) #7

hello ,
i am really noob & i have a question.
Is it really necessary to make my map in -vis cause it’s working correctly in -light -fast on american server ?

thx & sorry for my bad english

(*[SfS]*OpTeRoN) #8

I don’t see any pics on that site. :bash:

(Arobeuze) #9

yes sir , i seek has to compile my map before posting a serie of screenshots but cannot make hint brush.
My map is 100 % details.
Actual time of compile is 4 hours 30 , result :

— PassagePortalFlow <14572> —

LOL ? :confused: :confused: :confused:

2 little screenshots of new version :

(flashkillaman) #10

nice :clap:

(Dark Killer) #11

i recognize those textures aren’t they from vice city or gta3, they awfully look familiar?

(flashkillaman) #12

yes they look familiar to me to

(Arobeuze) #13

… vice city or gta3, they awfully look familiar

Remedy entertainment Max Payne textures pack for graphics & Rockstars Games radio Fever - GTA Vice City PC Games for sample sound.

i repeat my question :

Is it really necessary to make my map in -vis cause it’s working correctly in -light -fast on american server ?


(chavo_one) #14

Without a vis compile, the entire map will be drawn regardless of what the player is viewing. So if the r_speeds of your entire map are reasonable enough for someone to play with, then I suppose you don’t necessarily need a vis compile. But then again, what would it hurt?

(ziege) #15

I’ve seen the Max Payne textures and also Kingpin texture and sound packs available for download on some websites. Even legit commercial sites like Fileplanet I think… are we allowed to use them? I know Vice City sounds aren’t legit :slight_smile:

The -vis thing… I don’t see how it would make much difference, you haven’t got any structural brushes.

(duke'ku) #16

max payne textures rock me hard. a pack was released of textures that are free to use, btw, for anyone wondering.

(Arobeuze) #17

Yes sir , max payne texture pack is totally free to use.
it does not contain the totality of textures.
the sample use of fever radio vice city game is looped & not exceed 20 seconds.

(ziege) #18

Cool, I’m gonna start editing and using the Max ones too then. The Vice City thing, it doesn’t matter how short the sample is you still need to clear it and pay royalties (then again it’s not like they’re going to bother taking one lil’ mapper to court over it).

(Arobeuze) #19

Update site with more very little screenshots


(Lockeownzj00) #20

I downloaded a different vrsion before and it wouldnt work, and didnt let me host any games. I had to delete it. When’s the next going to be available?