Update Server Down

(REA987) #1

As 7th June 2017, the update server of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is down. When you launch the game, a small message appears at the bottom of the screen:

The update server could not be reached.
You can check for updates at: http://www.enemyterritory.com/

As authentication server and master server are online, that is not a big issue. But knowing that we are about the reach the 10th anniversary, that kind of signs scare me…

Here are the servers’ status as 7th June 2017:

Authentication Server: Online
Master Server: Online
Update Server: Offline
PunkBuster Server: Offline

(CaliberWorkz) #2

Hey calm down man, the game is all good. i joined a server and played a bit and its all fine.
Don’t ever scare us like that again. :smiley: :wink:

  • I got that message many times

(REA987) #3

As I have stated, authentication server and master server are online; so the game runs just fine. But that is the first time that I receive update server error. I got that message on GNU/Linux, not sure about Windows or macOS though…

(CaliberWorkz) #4

Oh, i guess i just misunderstood your post. Anyway, i’ve been getting that message for years btw.

(Chronicler) #5

It’s been down for years as far as I know.

(REA987) #6

Then it went down for Linux most recently. Cause, I haven’t seen that message before and was able to download 1.5 update within the game at the beginning of the year.

(Chronicler) #7

I know they promised to get it up again a few months ago, maybe it just went down again.

(REA987) #8

As 28th June 2017, update server is up; at least for Linux.