Unreleased UltraET Mod from 2005-2013 / staatsschutz.org

(Spacefreak) #1

Hello fellow ex/active ET players,

First of all, i am dutchman from staatsschutz.org who represended UltraET. A mod that has never been released. I was not the Programmer but did quite a few sounds/textures for the mod. The team was me and Yada who also wrote the only assembler etded ddos fix ( http://forums.warchest.com/archive/index.php/t-22936.html ).

Here is a video of what it’s about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo8_X8JxQiM&t=185s
(don’t do fullscreen, i was bad at doing high quality videos with my old computer)

Since 2005-2010 it had the following:

MYSQL support with min/max players to create the next rotation based on playercount
Local screenshot capturing (illegal, i know) to check cheaters
New animated loading screen(s) as you can see in the video (damn shaders, i hate it)
RTCW/Q3 map support
Optimized netcode
Snooper rifle, tripmines (venom can be activated but is bad in WolfET)
Own sounds taken from the movie Ilsa she Wolf and more (which our community liked:))
Compatible with all versions
Automatic Hunkmeg raising without you having to do nothing (automatic reload though)

Killsounds that can be adjusted. That means: kill a few, and your char will play a sound up to 50 if i remember correctly.
Check this video to get an impression from the Borderlands taken killsounds

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TL2Lqe279f0 (again, no fullscreen please)

Wegein mod taken over skins (nazi hittler for example, i know i know but it had to be in a WW2 mod, for us)
Better hitboxes
And more…as you can see, we had a lot to offer people offer in the early days.

What i want to say to end this post: I am looking for a serious good programmer with eventually assembly skills to restart and edit the code to enhance the mod in a good possitive way.

If some serious and for me known modder has interest, you can contact me.

Cheers and i hope you kinda enjoyed the videos though

(rorgoroth) #2

bump… it’s been like 14 years since those videos were taken but it still looks cool.

I’m assuming by now that all the source has gone and this will never be released though, right?

(Dota2Fan) #3

Hi Rorgoroth,

I still have the sourcecode :slight_smile: It just have to be compiled on 32bit linux. Both for the dedicated server on linux, aswell it is needed for the win and linux clients.

I dont play this game anymore since its as good as dead.

The only thing i am missing are the PK3 files. I know 2 dudes who might still have them with the Ilsa etc. samples.