Unable to connect to online services

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Evil maid did it again.
Just plug the thing.

(edxot) #2

Sorry about that.
Probably the problem is not in the server, but the fact that recent days have seen the biggest ddos attacks ever.

And from other news, it looks like only 5k of the 80k servers available were used. So, it apparently can get much worse.

I guess it’s time for ISPs to start preventing UDP spoofing (it was about time).


No, it’s not me flooding your connection. Stop spreading that sort of information.
Who ever does it, knows your IP (duh).
So, start blaming server admins, or who ever have it hacked.

Going to start using new terminology.
I used to talk about “lulu hackers” just like lulus, and that could be obviously confusing.
So, the new thing is lilis.
To make it clear, lilis are the guys who hacked the lulu server.

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Sometimes I’m not sure if edxot is a real person or some kind of chat/translate AI bot Google is testing…

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No he’s a real person. The last few days there does seem to be a problem with the AUTH server though (edxot’s theories notwithstanding.) Both players and servers are having trouble getting online.

(REA987) #5

Yeah, it looks like authentication server having issues recently. ETQW’s authentication system checks the validity of clients’ online accounts when server list is opened via “Play Online”.

It seems that the game hangs “Please wait” screen for a while, then prompts “Cancel” option. If you cancel, you will need to re-enter your online account password; then player finally can get into online server menu.

Here is the issue; as far as I know, ETQW’s authentication system is being operated by Demonware which is a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard that has no affiliation with the game any longer. I wonder if that’s still the case and how is the IP holder ZeniMax okay with that?

(Nail) #6

Zenimax doesn’t care about Quake Wars it seems, they still care enough about Brink to release it back on Steam but no word on QW

(REA987) #7

Yes, but remember; they ported Quake Wars Railgun into Quake Champions as a Railgun skin.



(edxot) #8

Ok, do you have any evidence that I am wrong ? Or saying that makes you feel good somehow ?

Read what I said: PROBABLY

I am not saying that the auth server is being attacked. What I am saying is:

  • These memcash servers are used like a cash to speed up database queries.
  • These recent days, they were used to deliver the greatest ddos attack ever (just as proof of concept)
  • Secondary effects (besides taking the main target off-line), may well be that 1) some ISPs/organizations are flooded with bogus traffic, and 2) database queries responses that used to be faster are now much slower (cashes are storing bogus queries).

Anyway, I have no evidence that these 2 things are related (ddos and authentication failing). But from the fact that they occurred at the same time, I still believe the authorization fail is a side effect of the other thing.

So, if you have some other information that you didn’t post, please go ahead. Because just saying that I am wrong without anything else …

(Pliscin-7) #9

Well Siri is a lot funnyer and also smarter so if he is he is probably just a failed first version or something…

(Nail) #10

yah even the stupidest bot knows enough about programming to differentiate between cache (storage) and cash (his $0.02)

(edxot) #11

About time you had some use. Thanks for pointing that out.

Not that horrifying for me, as it was watching this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUtluTaEAUU) and getting the feeling that I am really falling back in what I used to be good at (computer technology).

Just seen it, before I went and saw this other one (https://twit.tv/shows/security-now/episodes/654?autostart=false), that brings back the feeling: ok, this is game over (kind of over and over), computers are only useful for games and not much more.

Witch brings me to what I wanted to say related to some other accusations of having no respect for other players.
I actually keep a list (in paper) of the guys trolling games (or just trolling me). Includes people that would do things like being cover ops and don’t deploy radar for 15 minutes, long after everyone on the team told them to, or people that would revive everyone except me, or guys that just keep going AFK when they play with me, but not when they play against me, etc… the list is not small, and the methods used neither.
So, there are justifications that I won’t bother to include in my “F U” chat messages. People should start realizing they can’t enter a conversation in the middle, and understand what has been said in the past.

Anyway, thanks for the clarification

(REA987) #12

Can we please stop trolling each other? That is obviously a main server related issue caused by lack of maintenance. Hack or trolling claims don’t make things better.

(Celtic-Warrior) #13

I second that entirely!


(Nerwitz) #14

So then who you suggest is keeping hands on the online part in the game to work? I remember Splash saying since is no more hold responsible for that. Is it Activision’s d*rtbags? If it is so, forget about contacting them to ask support for a game they are no way interested in drawing money from, evident no?

(ressected) #15

I get the frustration. But I don’t think calling them “d*rt bags” is going to get us anywhere so please keep it civil. Thanks.

(Nerwitz) #16

Jaaa ja, I meant the truth, if it ain’t no money involved, that same company won’t care to even read a message least so to do something resourceful. I gave up on the same 10 years ago, it’s only existence is to draw money from people’s bank accounts with its sort of plague, I can’t have a civil word with such one. I follow what you mean, ress. Sorry, dunno what’s the right term in the case.

(Chris Mullins) #17

Hey all!

I posted in a another thread, but just so you know everything should be working again now.

We had a chat to the guys in charge and they submitted a fix, so you should be all good.

If anything like this happens again, feel free to send me a DM!


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[QUOTE=stayfreshshoe;573114]Hey all!

I posted in a another thread, but just so you know everything should be working again now.

We had a chat to the guys in charge and they submitted a fix, so you should be all good.

If anything like this happens again, feel free to send me a DM!


What’s a DM btw? I know PM (private message). I’m really tired right now so maybe I am forgetting something and will look like a noob.

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Direct Message

It goes down in the DM

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[QUOTE=CaliberWorkz;573140]Direct Message

It goes down in the DM[/QUOTE]

Sure, but that function is called private message on this forum =P, so thought maybe it could be something else >_>