True:Paintball | Open Beta 1, Launched

(wh_te) #1

I am proud to announce our new server / mod: TRUE:PAINTBALL
It is up and running on:

This is a project I and Thunder from have been working on the past months.
It is currently running on NoQuarter, but if it gets populair and succesfull we plan to release this as an standalone mod later this year.

This mod is only for usage, and therefor is unique within the ET community.
We owe all the rights, and hope with this unique addon, ET can provide from another great gamestyle.

What do you get on this new server:

  • Unique Paintball skins
  • Unique Paintball weapons
  • Real paintball bullets, ammo, health packs.
  • Fun maps, capture the flag, king of the hill etc.
  • Paintball on normal maps
  • XPSave forever
  • Stable server
  • Great new, fun way to play your favorite game.
  • Maps where 3 times your out counts, so last man standing style.

For any bug reports, feedback or anything else feel free to post them here:

Wait no longer, come and visit, and spray and tag some people!

Wh_Te from

(kyle26189) #2

Hmm I like your thinking, unfortunately i believe that it could use some work in many places over all. Imo the sounds are annoying and don’t sound like a paintball gun. After 20 minutes I’ve had enough for a life time. Weapon models are eh. Should remove a lot of the weapons and simplify it down. (e.g flamer). At least you did something unique I suppose.

(BackSnip3) #3

I’m sorry but I have to agree about the gun sound, after 3 minutes it gets really annoying and you’ve got to change this.
Also as said weapon models could be better, also the reloading animation isn’t in sync with the reloading sound.
Idea is nice, but needs some tweaking!

(rorgoroth) #4

I love it :cool:
I don’t mind the gun sound but it’s just too sharp and when there is a lot of fire… **** me :eek:.
Seems nice overall though, I didn’t come across any mass breakage of gameplay, just a few visual oddities, just some stuff already mentioned which I’m sure you’re already aware of.

Also, I love the nades and especially the dyno model, weapons-wise I’d probably limit it to smg, rifle+nade, sniper, shotgun, pistol and get rid of the rest (basically turn heavy weaps off). Some tweaking and polishing could finish it off quite nicely.

(wh_te) #5

Thank you for your feedback.

(rorgoroth) #6

Soo 7 years on…

Did anything come of this, any updates to the mod? Does anyone have a copy of the mod? It seems QuarkClan no longer exist unfortunately.