(Assassin4004) #1

Has anyone been able to get triggering to work successfully? I have been playing around for a while and can’t seem to figure it out. I would like to be able to trigger a light/speaker turning on/off or calling some script function. I tried playing around with the “call” key of the “trigger_multi” entity but had little success. I added a “target” key with the value being the name of the light or speaker entity. In the trigger.cpp file I do not see anywhere “target” is being used or the “call” key. Any help would be appreciated!


(taw_m0nsta) #2

Check out the disco room in Retake if the Forums. If you click around on the computer screen a songs starts to play. (if i am correct only for the player that clicked it or was the same room when it was clicked…). Also there are break lights within the Brace mod, if i am correct Chriss was implementing them in his lastest wip map.