Top 15 Wolfenstein:ET movies

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Okay.Since I’m at my Pad,where you can only watch Youtube and write text,so I made my Top 15 Wolfenstein:ET fragmovie list.Hope you like it:)

1st Fragarea 3


Release Date : Saturday 23rd June 2007

As time passes over in this online reality that ordinary all over the world compete in a player can be shown to be the greatest. Over this time movies will be made about these players boasting their abilities as they take down 3, 4, 5 members of the opposite team in sucession. Players will remember Fragarea 1 and 2 from its focus upon Parodia¡¯s victory over in Eurocup XII to the victory that the Netherlands dealt over Germany in Nationscup IX. Of course between those two Fragareas and now he also was responsible for the Winghaven¡¯s Second Nature movie.

But now after a single month of slaving at his PC with moviemaking tools Korean moviemaker Quaky has finished Fragarea 3 which focuses upon the more recent events from Quakecon 2005 up to and including the CPC2 event. Much like it¡¯s pre-decessors this Fragarea focuses on the big hits that players make in order to lead their team onto victory.

I caught up with Quaky to get his view on his finished piece:
Quote [I think it¡¯s a really nice movie, and really hope that you all enjoy it as much as you did with Fragarea 1 and 2.]

These are just a few of the players in the movie:

Butchji, dAv1d, Fireball, Bullvox, Gifty, Jakazc, Kris, Kot, Wizzel, Mystic, Night, Saccii, Clown, mAus, Doktor, Senji, Senti, Sexyhot, Toxic, Special, aCoZz, r1co, Holz, Wiesiek, Winghaven, Wrobel, Vila, Lasek, Linuxero

The movie also incorporates action from CPC2 focusing on the players of The Last Resort , Evolve ,
Dignitas and Impact Gaming all to the sounds of Quaky¡¯s ghettoblaster music.

From my personal point the movie is at a good length, 6 minutes and 45 seconds of quality fragging action from some players whom none of us have ever heard of, and once again Quaky has provided a great way of presenting a tournament in his movies. The only minor point about it is that it does miss some defining frags yet maybe they will be used in the next Fragarea? We¡¯ll have to wait and find out.

Contact: at

Music :
Crystal Method – Keep Hope Alive
DJ TATANA – Sal****er
Drowning pool – Step up (Trailer)
Limp Bizkit – Build a bridge (Trailer)

Download :[/spoiler]

2nd Pick’N’Roll


Winghaven was feeling alone after 4 movies and nobody on his side so lets add Clown for more fun, and pick ‘n’ roll was born !

This movie is a mix of many different frags, you can find frags from CPC2, CC6, ET Allstars etc… enough said… enjoy !

Pick ‘N’ Roll ?
The pick and roll (also called screen and roll or shortened to screen-roll, any of which may be hyphenated) in basketball is an offensive play in which a player sets a screen (pick) for a teammate handling the ball and then slips behind the defender (rolls) to accept a pass.

The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
The Qemists - S.W.A.G
Blue Stahli - Mystique
Blue Stahli - Doublequick
X-Ray Dog - Into The Fire

Thx for host :

/q phaloid @ #crossfire[/spoiler]



Fragmovie I made for kot hope u’ll enjoy it :wink:

/q fNtx`sN1e

4th Woody And Nothing More


Woody and Nothing More

Frags performed by Woody
Created and edited by requem

Movie information

Resolution: 1280 x 720
Length: 5:41 mins
Size: 267 MB
Ratio: 47 MB / min
Codecs: x264 / FAAC
Container: mp4
Framerate: 30 FPS

You can choose 2 audiotracks in your player
(With and without hitsounds)

Programs used

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
Ultraviolet Movie Mod
Smireboule Camtrace 3D
Virtual Dub
Sony Vegas
Adobe Photoshop

Music used

Story of The Year - Welcome To Our New War


Woody - #target @
requem - #Thoro-pictures @[/spoiler]

5th Mettle II



6th RGB - Red Green Blue


RGB - Red Green Blue by wolfshorst

Script: magarine & abraxas

Video Editing, Map Editing and Programming: magarine

Additional Models: abraxas

Resolution: 800x450
Framerate: 30 fps

VLC or Media Player Classic recommended


7th Requiem


By Ultraviolet

8th [b]Aiming By Ganon


By 400hz

9th Sick By Nonix


[spoiler]I’m proud to present my new fragmovie, called Sick. This is a ‘community movie’ that features known and not so known players. I released this movie few weeks ago when it was unfinished, I’m really sorry for that. I thought I will not have much time to finish it. People that commented motivated me, thank you for that! Would be a shame too waste these awesome frags.
Tried to keep everything simple and enjoyable. I’m a kind of oldschooler moviemaker by now and I wanted to give the feeling back from old movies. Therefore I haven’t used hitsounds. It’s a big risk, but I take. If you watch the frags few times you will see how some of mouse-movements are brilliant, with lot of headshots.
Always wanted to make a new own movie but somehow I couldn’t start a project. lack of motivation and laziness to save actions. I kept some of my demos and I could fill the black holes from the unfinished version.
Thanks for everyone who contributed and sent his demos!

made by Nonix[/spoiler]

10th Overclocked By Nonix


he movie is about a legendary Enemy Territory player, it will be secret who is this guy. Solve the puzzle!
He fragged big names from oldschool teams such us u96d, KiH, parodia.
You won’t see multifrags here, maybe it sounds weird first time but I hope you will enjoy the movie anyway.
Took 2 years this project to finish, first I gave up because of a harddrive crash but I came back and told myself:
“I have to finish it”.[/spoiler]

11th mAus The Movie


Video by Blazer
Celldweller - Scardonia
Thousand Foot Krutch - Move
Skillet - Monster

12th Warholic The Movie 2


warholic the movie 2

Creator: ReMinD
Game : Enemy Territory
Type: Frag Highlights
Length: 9m07s
Size: 477 Megs
Resolution: 1280x720
Codec: x264



13th Riflenoobs


Starring •••• XyLoS, Krein, miXer, Iron, xAv, roYal, tornis, Ati, wiadro, h20xyg3n, haZer, FrAgOn, Night, ohzor4, diO. Get ready to see best riflers in ET at their very best!

14th [b] 7ele Fragmovie


Fragmovie by dutch rifler 7ele. I like to play with an aggressive rifle style so expect some nice fastpaced clutch frags.

I don’t consider myself to be a good moviemaker and this is my first serious project so far. Nevertheless i put quite some effort into this and I hope you will enjoy! :slight_smile:

teleeee @ #target

15th This is ET


By Kamz

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Nice list, I agree with most of those. :slight_smile:

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Now, off to play some ET.

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This game is teh sekz.

(Winghaven) #5


I appear in the first 2 movies! :slight_smile:

Don’t you like any of Out Of the way or 2nd Nature? :frowning:


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W:ET, what a great game!

(Indloon) #7


I appear in the first 2 movies! :slight_smile:

Don’t you like any of Out Of the way or 2nd Nature? :frowning:


Sorry,I tought to put them,but the list is only 15 movies long :X
Btw,your panzers are wicked.
Please,come back to W:ET!!!:smiley:
Untill you do it,I wear your name while using panzer in ETpro pubs,its like magic,got everytime 4-5-6 panzer kills and lot rage XD

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Someone could make awacome community movie beside This is ET.
Where are all mod frags:)

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My favorite is

(rorgoroth) #10

Tim for some newer vids, I didn’t make these a guy playing on the ETc server did: