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We need to like, start a dirty bomb ARG or something. Maybe just turn this place into a big DB fanfic community

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Press E to rez

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desolate like the Capital Wasteland

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alternate reality games

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I would post something… but it’s rather late in the lifecycle of the game, despite being controversial.

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Alternate reality game. Basically an β€œinteractive” spooky story, where people have to go digging to find details and unravel something. Usually it’s something like a twitter account that’ll post something weird, and then people notice some detail in their post that leads them to a code that leads them to something else and so on as they build a clearer picture of the story.

For Dirty Bomb we’d have to find something spooky, or at least something that we could make spooky. Maybe that green cube in chapel or something? Idk, say it’s haunted and have people dig through the max bashki twitter account to find some code that eventually leads to the reveal of Dirty Bomb 2: Electric Boogaloo, Battle Royale

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the net code? and its running parameters?

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I would happily watch you all pull this together!

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What about the EV hitbox?

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Stay right up against the EV for 2 whole minutes without getting flung across the map at 3 am to unlock TheCubeβ„’ as a playable merc?

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I thought scrubby comes out of ev and starts cursing you out worse than the jackal comander

In what isnwith the cube ive seen them metion it anfew times in discord

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Holy sht moobabe is still lurking around in here! thought @Moobabe abandoned the db ship wreck and @frew is just swiming around the abandoned ship watching it burn

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I got something for you guys to discover (in no particular order):

  • Go to a server where your latency is stable above 240ms
  • ADS/Hip fire your weapon on a legitimate target (stationary)
  • Hip fire your weapon on a legitimate target (moving)
  • ADS fire your weapon on a legitimate target (moving)
  • Mount a stationary MG or the EV turret and fire at a legitimate target

You might find that the game is now server side authoritative. Comparative difference(s) can be observed using Dreiss AR vs Dreiss AR and Grandeur SR vs Grandeur SR.

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For DB 2.0 i just want some merc interactions
Thunder flirting with medics
Pheonix talking about fruit
Nader telling him to shut up
Aimee threatning to take proxys other eye

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Dont forget the ability of actual sword fighting for kira and phantom would love to have a kitana vs katana fight and ability to block bullets with it too

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Why block bullets when you can reflect them back?

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Pineaple jugler 2.0???