This forum 😕

(K1X455) #21

But give her Aimee’s heart? OOoohhh la la!!!

(Press E) #22

Idk really, from what I got there’s some green cube hidden out of bounds in chapel and people just joke about worshipping it. Closest thing DB has to a big mystery lol

(Press E) #23

Just turn Phantom into a complete, 100% accurate recreation of Genji from Overwatch and see what people do

(Your worst knifemare.) #24

Change his medic voicelines to “i need healing”

People worshiping a cube inside a chapel? Cultist Kira confirmed?

Ewww proxy shipping

(Press E) #25

What about a complete recreation of genji down to the voicelines, movement and abilities, but his model is still Phantom’s default skin completely ripped from DB without any graphical improvements

(Stokes) #26

Please just let this game die

(Press E) #27

Why are you still here if you want it dead lol
If we wanna meme then who cares, maybe mind your own business?

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Dirty Bomb’s reply:

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Click! :grin:

(Moobabe) #32

I keep an eye on all of the things! It’s always heartening to see folks enjoying DB (and, indeed, W:ET, Quake Wars etc)

Consolidating those communities here and on Discord would be nice, but I understand they have their own homes.

(Press E) #33

Idk how the W:ET and Quake Wars servers are doing but the DB one is still fairly active at the moment.
I wouldn’t be opposed to it once things slowed down more though

(Stokes) #34

This is a joke right?