The sequel dilemma, make your choice!

(DarkangelUK) #1


It’s a bit quiet around here so thought i’d post a controversial poll… SD can make one sequel but only one, which one would be your choice and why that one over the others?

  • Brink 2
  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2
  • Dirty Bomb 2
  • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars 2

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(DarkangelUK) #2

I went with ET:QW2, that game seemed to mix up the formula the most and bring something new and different to the table while retaining the same core foundation. After subsequent years of Brink then Dirty Bomb for so long, I feel something different is exactly what I need.

(Nail) #3

I voted Brink 2 as I identify as Geezer

(rorgoroth) #4

W:ET 2 closely followed by Dirty Bomb 2.

(Mustang) #5

For me it’s between BRINK and DB, close call, but voted for DB.

(Smooth) #6

Why not all of them?? :sob:

But if I had to pick, ETQW:2 please.

(Nail) #7

make it so :+1:

(DB Genome editor) #8

Had to go with Brink for the unique art style and setting.

(Pytox) #9

ETQW2 on Idtech 6 yes please :smiley: :smiley:

(alphabeta) #10

The asymmetric gameplay on ETQW made it most interesting for me. DB a close second.

(_Megabyte) #11

ETQW 2 because it’s last good game and there will be no more good games.