The next Russian Modification SP for RTCW.

(Eugeny) #101

(ronboy) #102

Nice weapon models, Eugeny. :cool:

(Mateos) #103

More than nice, awesome! :slight_smile: Which software do you use?

(Eugeny) #104

3d max 8 :slight_smile:

(Mateos) #105

Thanks :slight_smile: Good luck with it, models and skins fit the atmosphere you made :slight_smile:

(JCPrice) #106

I am so looking forward to the release of this map pack. I have played some of the Russian maps and you guys do GREAT work often better than the original maps released with the game. Please keep mapping and release this fantastic map pack as soon as possible:-}

(ronboy) #107

That reminds me. Any news on this mod, Vicpas? Can we expect it to be released some time this year?

(vicpas) #108

Unhappily, i still have not this response.

(Eugeny) #109


(ronboy) #110



Not bad… I like it! :smiley:

(William Faure) #111



Impressive! I would really like to work on this project to help-you guys, when my project will be over, and it will be soon.
Near the end of the year, I will be available if you need-me to finish this project, because it has a LOT of POTENTIAL.
Keep-it up!

(melc_av) #112

Hello all,
Any news? Can we espect that the project to be released some time in this year?

(vicpas) #113

Hello, melc_av.
You need to be patient, because this released have not date to be release.
It is waiting many things, ex: new engine, new stuffs, new twxtures, etc…

(melc_av) #114

Yes. I understand but I asked because I readed on moddb that aproximative date release is 2015

(Mateos) #115

Don’t worry, when they’ll have news, they’ll share them.

(ronboy) #116

A new gameplay video has been uploaded for The Victors! You can watch it on my website here:

(ronboy) #117

Yo$hik has uploaded a storyline trailer for The Victors! Check my website for more information:

(ronboy) #118

General Red has uploaded a playthrough for kicha! You can watch it on my website here:

(Eugeny) #119

Preparing to new engine

(melc_av) #120

Hi all,
Unhappily nobody from The Victors team don’t want to give more details about project (what progress?, what was changed?..). At 2 times per year they shows us few pictures and that’s it.
Preparing to new engine… what means? New engine is ready or closer to be ready? After that the team project can put all work in this graphic engine?
They think to add new areas in maps or to add new maps? Maybe would be better to have more transparency.
We all wait for this project for more than 11 years.
Thank you very much for atention and escuse me if I was a little bit acide.