The Last Sniper

(cloudhalo) #1

Hey guys check out the first video of ETQW for 2018 :slight_smile:


FYI watch in HD please.

Its a sniper fragmovie I made over the course of 3 weeks of recorded gameplay :slight_smile:
Been wanting to do this ever since I started playing, but never found the time until now.

Movie Info
Game: Enemy Territory Quake Wars
Starring: kloud.
Length: 3:01
Size: 206 MB
Resolution: 1920x1080 @ 60 FPS
Song: Hasley Gasoline cover by American Avenue

Programs Used
Sony Vegas Pro 11
Adobe After Effects CC
ETQW v1.5

Let me know if I should even post a download link, just incase some peeps wanna have a personal copy of it.

(REA987) #2

If the game was still on Steam and it had Steam achievements for railing an opponent in the air or railing an opponent while you are midair, you would already got it. :slight_smile:

(cloudhalo) #3

Haha thx man.

(danuber) #4

this film is typical hollywood hoax. not based on actual real events! i had 2 climb into tormy and jump 5 times until he hit me. xD

there were no other plrs on server and wind conditions were perfect for sniping. i felt like buster from mythbusters. :smiley:

(Duhhammer) #5

Lol, Iā€™m sure he appreciates you being such a good sport for his video. Haha