The Javelin Update

(Pinflux) #1

A Norwegian death dealer, a redone Dome, a bevy of new rewards, and the ability to Party Up with your friends in Casual matches; We present The Javelin Update.

New Merc: Javelin

Norwegian powerhouse Javelin is storming the city.

Sent by Scandinavian tech startup Ghostclip, she’s proving out an experimental solution to ammo resupply in the place best fitted for it.

Her backpack prints ammo for herself and any teammates nearby, and her primary ability is devastating: A Reflex Rocket Launcher with two modes, a faster-firing standard setting and a slower yet spectacular laser guided alternative.

The first new Primary Weapon to hit the game in two years, The SHAR-C is a slow-firing, high damage, long range Assault Rifle that packs a powerful punch.

For now, the only way to get your hands on it is with select Javelin Loadouts, including her Default card.

Javelin’s Axe is a horror to behold, but oh-so-satisfying to use. Use to deal high damage in a relatively short space of time.

Javelin ‘Ghost’ Pack

Javelin’s getting stuck right in.

Get her along with a Limited Edition ‘Ghost’ Case, containing one random Loadout Card with battle-scarred skin variant. Only available in Store until the 5th of September.

New Feature: Casual Matchmaking

Along with many UI tweaks, we’ve completely overhauled the Play screen.

Quick Join has been replaced with ‘Casual’, which uses a new matchmaking system in the North America and EU regions, along with brand new team intro animations and post-match MVP lineup, and the existing Quick Join system in others.

Casual matchmaking provides us with the tools to better balance matches, and gives you the ability to (finally) play with your friends in a party!

It will take several matches to find existing players’ true skill ratings, so please allow some time for the system to adjust. For more info and a rundown on our philosophy behind this huge addition to the game, click here.

Updated Objective Map: Dome

We’ve overhauled the East-London airship-smuggling objective mission Dome, to bring it in line with our other maps.

Key changes include reducing it in size and complexity, to focus the action and give teams a clearer direction.

Read our recent rundown of the changes you’ll find here.

Click Here

Assault Course Rewards

Prove your mastery of speed and accuracy with these new Assault Course Trinket Rewards.

Complete the Assault Course in the specified times to unlock them, ranging from easy (Bronze) to insane (Cobalt).

New Steam Achievements

To coincide with our new Norwegian noob-tuber and Assault Course rewards, you’ll find a batch of new Steam Achievements ready to be unlocked.

  • Rock It - Play 30 minutes with Javelin in your squad
  • Rocketeer - Play 5 hours with Javelin in your squad
  • Rocket Queen - Play 20 hours with Javelin in your squad
  • Air Cav - The sky is no limit
  • Look Good in Blue - Craft or Trade Up to a Javelin Cobalt Card
  • Bronze - Achieve Bronze Rank on the Assault Course
  • Silverado - Achieve Silver Rank on the Assault Course
  • Golden - Achieve Gold Rank on the Assault Course
  • Blue Steel - Achieve Cobalt Rank on the Assault Course
  • Homework - Complete the tutorial

Daily Rewards Improvements

We’re upping the rewards in our new Daily Play Rewards system, with higher rarity Loadout Cards dropping as you play through the week.

Each case contains a single, random Loadout Card for one Merc, with rarities as follows:

Mk I. Case - Lead, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Cobalt

Mk II. Case - Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Cobalt

Mk III. Case - Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Cobalt

Mk IV. Case - Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Cobalt

Pricing Updates

Merc Prices

To make Mercs more attainable, we’re splitting their price points into five distinct tiers and reducing the price of many of them.

Some Mercs that are less team-focused (like Vassili) have been bumped up a notch so that less new players will use them to the detriment of their teams.

New In-game Bundles

We’re introducing new in-game bundles with greater savings to replace the existing ones. Each contains five Mercs and a collection of extra gear.

Veterans 5-Pack - US$19.99 (save 50%)

  • 5 x Mercs (Sawbonez. Arty, Proxy, Rhino, Aimee)
  • 10 x Golden Equipment Cases
  • 1 x 6 Hour Booster

Strikeforce 5-Pack - US$29.99 (save 50%)

5 x Mercs (Fragger, Fletcher, Kira, Phoenix, Redeye)

  • 10 x Golden Equipment Cases
  • 2 x Elite Cases
  • 1 x 12 Hour Booster
  • 10,000 Credits

Firestorm 5-Pack - US$29.99 (save 50%)

  • 5 x Mercs (Thunder, Vassili, Sparks, Nader, Stoker)
  • 10 x Golden Equipment Cases
  • 2 x Elite Cases
  • 1 x 12 Hour Booster
  • 10,000 Credits

Private Matches

Due to the low levels of usage (less than 0.10% of play time) Private matches are no longer available. Later this year, we’ll be launching Server Rentals, which will give you more flexibility and control over your own matches.

Tutorial First

Many of you have asked for the Tutorial to be made mandatory for new players, to better equip them for combat operations.

We’ve now made first time players enter the Tutorial by default, though they’ll still be able to exit via the Menu. We’ll be monitoring the change to see whether it improves the experience.

Weapon Balance Improvements

As with the Merc balance, we’re now jumping back into the realms of Weapon balance by first addressing the most common concerns.

More finely tuned Weapon balance will be coming in the following months, but we want to see how these impact the game first.

Sniper Rifles

These are controversial weapons in all games, not just in Dirty Bomb.

While we want to maintain their effectiveness in the right hands so good snipers are still valuable on the team, we’ve reduced the damage that body-shots will do with the following weapons.

This will still reward headshots, but will leave players with more health if the Sniper ‘misses’ and the shot hits the victim anywhere else.

  • MoA SNPR-1 - Base body-shot damage reduced to 60 (from 75) – Headshot remains at 150
  • PDP-70 - Base body-shot damage reduced to 40 (from 50) – Headshot remains at 100
  • FEL-IX - Base body-shot damage reduced to 63 (from 79) – Headshot remains at 158
  • Grandeur SR - Base body-shot damage reduced to 32 (from 40) – Headshot remains at 80

Burst Rifles

The amount of damage output by these weapons is still too high in the right hands. We’ve reduce the damage of each bullet in the burst by 1. Bringing their damage-per-second output in line with the automatic Assault Rifles.

  • BR-16 - Reduced damage to 16 per bullet (from 17)
  • Stark AR - Reduced damage to 17 per bullet (from 18)


While Snipers Rifles can be among the controversial weapons, Shotguns will always be right at the top.

Our end goal is to have them equal in power with SMGs, since Mercs with them have access to both. With Shotguns being more situational and weaker at range than SMGs, they do need to be significantly more powerful in their close-range niche.

Having said that, we do feel that Shotguns are currently overly effective at point-blank range. With that in mind we’ve slightly increased the effective range of these weapons, while reducing the maximum possible headshot damage, and reducing the damage that they do to the lower-leg of opponents.

  • Hollunds 880

  • Increased range at which damage falloff begins to 2.0m (from 1.7m)

  • Reduced headshot damage multiplier to 1.3x (max 114 dmg) from 1.5x (max 132 dmg)

  • Reduced lower-leg damage multiplier to 0.75x (max 66 dmg) from 1.0x (max 88 dmg)

  • Remburg 7

  • Increased range at which damage falloff begins to 1.5m (from 1.4m)

  • Reduced headshot damage multiplier to 1.3x (max 125 dmg) from 1.5x (max 144 dmg)

  • Reduced lower-leg damage multiplier to 0.75x (max 72 dmg) from 1.0x (max 96 dmg)

  • Ahnuhld-12

  • Increased range at which damage falloff begins to 3.6m (from 3.2m)

  • Reduced headshot damage multiplier to 1.3x (max 100 dmg) from 1.5x (max 116 dmg)

  • Reduced lower-leg damage multiplier to 0.75x (max 58 dmg) from 1.0x (max 77 dmg)


Similar to the high-damage Sniper Rifles, we want to reduce the body damage here but keep the current headshot damage to encourage people to take their time with these shots.

  • Simeon .357 - Base body-shot damage reduced to 24 (from 30) – Headshot remains at 60
  • Smjüth & Whetsman .40 - Base body-shot damage reduced to 27 (from 34) – Headshot remains at 68

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed bug where Phantom’s Katana would clip into his body while crouching


  • Fixed bug where the Hexadic trinket audio would not play


  • Fixed bug where Proximity Mines could fail to come to rest when placed on top of one another
  • Fixed bug where Trinket animations would not play in warm up
  • Fixed bug where changing resolution settings would not always update in the Options Menu
  • Fixed bug where certain elements of Mercs’ outfits would not appear white when viewed through Redeye’s IR Goggles

Level Design

  • Fixed bug where the wrong voice line could play on the first Objective in Terminal
  • Fixed bug where “Press K to Restart” would appear after completing the Assault Course
  • Fixed bug where players could get stuck on the Assault Course if they died during the initial run


  • Fixed bug where an unlocked Proxy Cyber Eye Case would appear locked
  • Fixed bug where the prompt ‘Surrender Vote is Now Available’ could trigger during the Tutorial and Assault Course
  • Fixed bug where Daily Play Rewards were using placeholder text in French

Known Issues

  • Players with a read-only “\Documents\My Games\UnrealEngine3\ShooterGame\Config\ShooterEngine.ini” file will crash when attempting to play matches.
  • Please re-allow write permissions or delete the file after updating the game.
  • Exiting the game while searching for matches can lead to the client still being treated as searching
  • Please cancel matchmaking searches before exiting, otherwise you may receive a penalty for failing to accept
  • Various Javelin animation issues, including her body being flung unceremoniously through the air upon death

(MarsRover) #2

Get her along with a Limited Edition ‘Ghost’ Case, containing one random Loadout Card with battle-scarred skin variant. Only available in Store until the 5th of September.


(Brycko) #3


(hoyes) #4

Wow. I think SD have just fixed most of the problems in terms of balance with DBs weapons. I am impressed ,keep it up SD, we are all impressed with the new features and content.

(XP_Expert) #5

finally, weapon balance is update!!
i’m so blissful!!!

(everlovestruck) #6

I’m shedding tears… This UI update looks fucking fantastic.

(azz_abdr) #7
  • Oh man, another RNG event, please just sell one or some (maybe 3 like Phantom) of her cards, I will buy it, not RNG again please.
  • Weapon balance for Sniper is okay, forcing players to click head.
  • Burst riffles damages is still too high make it 15 & 16 (90 & 96 damage headshot is still good for me).
  • It’s okay to add leg damage penalty to shotguns, but is it still necessary to nerf headshot multiplier? Because the pellets spread and almost impossible to make all of them hit head. Don’t nerf headshot, just add leg damage penalty.
  • Don’t nerf revolvers.

(Ptiloui) #8

@MarsRover said:

Get her along with a Limited Edition ‘Ghost’ Case, containing one random Loadout Card with battle-scarred skin variant. Only available in Store until the 5th of September.


Why random ? The fixed obsidian card that came along with Turtle was great, why make it random :neutral: Though, it won’t prevent me to buy this :blush: but still…

(Pumpkiller) #9

(n-x) #10

5 Euros for a random card, I dont think so. I really planned on spending money on Javelin. But I will not support this damn RNG gambling scheme. Enjoy my 50k credits.

(omega) #11

Sniper changes are good, but bit of an missed change to make FEL-IX bit different from Moa.

Burst rifles are still bit too powerful, as the damage change does not change the shots needed to kill against most mercs.

With shotguns, i agree with headshot damage reduction, however leg multipliers seem bit pointless considering shotgun is a spread weapon. The legs and hands could have 1x multiplier just like everything outside head, but the max damage could be reduced by 10-20 points while at the same time increasing the mag (tube) size, range and fire rate so shotguns would need 2-3 shots to kill, in comparison to the current 1-2 shots against most mercs.

Revolver changes feel bit unneeded as they already need almost whole mag (cylinder) to be used on one merc before reloading. However they could be changed to diversify they roles a bit, like making simeon more focused on body shots and S&W .40 more focused on head shots, for example the simeon dealing 26 damage, faster fire rate and faster reload, while S&W .40 would have slower fire rate and higher headshot damage multiplier for example.

(Grave_Knight) #12

Is friends list suppose to pop open every time you exit a game? Also why did you remove the ability to view your active missions in the lobby?

(GatoCommodore) #13

-Shotgun range Buff

(CodeAlpha) #14

So do we def get the sharc if we buy the ghost pack?

(Mc1412013) #15

Awww no obsidian this time

(Hakuni) #16

the font on the menu was very small (1980 x 1080)
The cards display perks become barely visible

(Eox) #17

That sniper nerf barely matters (except for Grandeur). 60 bodyshot damage is still enough to kill any 120 hp player in two bodyshots, which was one of the main complaints. Fragger is the only merc that benefits really from that nerf. PDP can still kill anything with three hits in the body, the only difference is that now Phoenix needs an additional bodyshot for Snipers that keeps going this way. Snipers mostly remain as low risk high reward as they can be. Grandeur got hit decently though. One more shot will be required for mercs with 110 and 120 hp if they only bother bodyshotting, which is great.

The burst fire rifle nerf also barely matters when it comes about the Stark. 102 one tap full headshot damage will get the same result than 108. If anything, bursts needed another kind of nerf than a damage one. Increasing the delay between bursts a little would have probably been a decent one.

Shotguns are now better at range, but get damage multipliers reduced. I always felt like the shotguns stopped being effective past 5 meters, but I am not sure what I think about such a change yet. I need more playtesting.

Revolvers should promote a much more skilled playstyle now. I do not dislike that nerf to be honest. They were like mini grandeurs. If you are good with it anyway you should be focusing on headshots, so you shouldn’t be affected.

Now about Javelin. It’s simple, the rocket feels like a cheese button to instant kill any merc in a rather large radius. That 1s delay doest really feel enough as it can still be used mid fight with ease. It’s like a frag grenade that you can’t predict as well, and that’s frustrating to deal against. At least the CD is rather long, but one cheesy one hit kill every 30s still feels frustrating. I definitely need more playtesting though before giving my final opinion.

(watsyurdeal) #18

My only gripe with the Grandeur changes is I see no notes about changing it’s accuracy. It’ll need to be a little more consistent with the tap firing to nail those headshots frequently.

(Jostabeere) #19

You deactivated private matches because noone used them because you made the requirements to use them stupid. Good Job…

(ragnak) #20

I am kinda confused why pretty much everything got bigger nerf than burst rifles + it wont change anything since bullets to kill stays the same for 99% of situations. RoF nerf would be a lot more logical in case of burst rifles.

In any case i am happy that most burst based guns are less bursty now, no one likes to die almost instantly from body shots, hopefully burst rifles get another nerf “soon”.