The End of Execution - 22nd August, 2017

(Chris Mullins) #1

Hey all!

Many of you know the story of Dirty Bomb: After spending a decade perfecting fast paced, objective based shooters in other publishers’ universes, we here at Splash Damage wanted to go it alone - To create a spiritual successor to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory with a modern spin, for ourselves and for our fans.

We hoped and trusted that our fans would spread the word, and that the joy of playing together in maps that opened up over the course of a single match would capture a whole new audience. Objective and Stopwatch modes have always been our bread and butter, the ultimate realization of what makes a Splash Damage game great.

In October 2015, we introduced a game mode: Execution. To compete against other titles, we wanted a game mode that would make transitioning to Dirty Bomb fluid. We hoped that players would feel comfortable in Execution, but then see the light and join the fun in Objective matches.

We’ve spent the last two years supporting Execution, adding a new map last year and including in-game bonuses for playing the mode. But numbers don’t lie, and the truth is that only 5% of players’ time in-game are spent in Execution mode.

We’ve realized that we should be concentrating on what makes Dirty Bomb unique. We know many of you still enjoy Execution, and so it’s with a heavy heart that we’ve decided to remove the game mode from Dirty Bomb. Moving forward, we’ll be focusing on the core experience of the game, making Objective and Stopwatch the most fun you can have with a keyboard and mouse. That’s not to say we’re closing the door on future game modes, but you can be sure that any we consider adding will play to the fast-paced strengths of the game.

We’re not worried about introducing others to Dirty Bomb; Now that we have the game back, we’re staffing up the team and will be adding more content than ever. We’re comfortable with the fast-paced, high skill ceiling, objective-based shooter that it is, and trust that with your help, more and more players will discover how much fun it can be. In fact… We have another major update coming in the next two weeks!

Execution will be in the game until the 22nd of August. To round it off with a bang, we’re taking things back to where they all began with updated Second Edition Containment War in the Final Assault Event.


(kittz0r) #2

Please add Deathmatch, is the best Thing you can do to Objective and Stopwatch

(everlovestruck) #3

I’d die of happiness if you added a PvE coop mode. I think the three EXE maps could be recycled for that purpose

(blufflord) #4

But what about the execution maps? Please find a way to rework them into obj/stopwatch matches pleaaaassse!
They’re such nice maps and I would hate to see them go to waste. Maybe allow them to be used in private matches or something, i dunno.

(frostyvampire) #5

Good bye cs:g… I mean execution.

But may I ask what will happen with it? @stayfreshshoe
Will you keep the coding and maps so when we get community servers it will be possible to replay it?
Will you remake the 3 maps and turn them into objective maps?
Or is there anything completely different?
Because I’m sure you won’t just delete everything since you worked so hard on it

(Eox) #6

@blufflord said:
But what about the execution maps? Please find a way to rework them into obj/stopwatch matches pleaaaassse!
They’re such nice maps and I would hate to see them go to waste. Maybe allow them to be used in private matches or something, i dunno.

I second this. It would be great those see those bits of map being reworked into proper OB/SW maps.

(AraHatesYou) #7

I’m fine with you getting rid of the game mode. I’m hopeful that the people who enjoyed it the most can make the transition to stopwatch. That being said, since you’re getting rid of this game mode, let me make a suggestion on what to do with the maps.

Make them a free for all TDM, but without XP. Make each match 10 minutes long. Make it so that these maps can be used for people who want to practice in certain areas of the game, without being a hindrance to their team. This would be a perfect way for low level players to join a lobby with no pressure, and just be free to learn how to use all the various guns/abilities, without having to worry about doing objectives. Even better, this would give people a nice mode to warm up in before they hop into a ranked game.

This way, if I want to work on really getting good at something stupidly specific, like cqc sniping, I have a place I can go to work on that, where I’m not a detriment to my team because I’m not focusing on the objective.

(Mc1412013) #8

Wtf i liked execution to a point

(blufflord) #9

@Mc1412013 said:
Wtf i liked execution to a point

I guess you were in the 5% of an already small playerbase lol

(Trishhh99) #10

I have to say that as a player who has been playing Execution mode almost everyday for 2 and a half years, this update very disappoints me. Although there aren’t many people who play Execution and the numbers of people who play Objective and Stopwatch will always be larger than Execution players, there are however people who very much love playing this mode. People like me and my friends, who spend 80% of the time in Dirty Bomb playing Execution, but it will be taken away too, just like the trading system. I started playing Dirty Bomb in Execution and I guess the last time I’ll ever play Dirty Bomb will be in Execution too. Again, I can’t say how much this news disappoints me so much which I doubt people really care anyway but whatever.

(BlueLime) #11

is it not possible to leave the gamemode up for those who want to play it and remove the missions related to it? even with the 2 major bugs/glitches some of us think its a fun gamemode :frowning:

(Trishhh99) #12

They could’ve reduced the servers and make it 2 servers each region. But there’s probably reasons why they won’t do it. Either way, I’ll quit the game. Seriously lost all mood to support this game.

(Mukhle) #13

Execution is the only gamemode I play. I don’t think I’ll even stick around once it’s gone, as it is the only gamemode that I enjoy playing.

(DarkSera) #14

Oh no!! =( I love Execution! Pls let the mode in the game with this 3 maps … you don’t have to support it … let it be what it is.

Works on a good Matchmaking! For Objective and Execution.

Than we need pve coop gamemode and deathmatch mode!

I love Dirty Bomb! So pls don’t delete any mode =(

(Guziol) #15

Can the maps be repurposed? The mode i always hated with passion but maps were looking very nice, esspecially the gallery. With some changes could they be put into stopwatch/obj?

(JonBongNoJovi) #16

I see Gallery and other 1 having potential to make a good SW/Obj map , Market is a tad small

(OwynTyler) #17

Awwwww… goodbye free 500 daily credit points :’(

(aquafine54321) #18

well I think its sad that you are removing it from the game it is nice to have a second game mode to go play when you get sick of playing the same maps over and over again and I don’t mean stop watch cause that’s pretty much the same as objective the execution maps are a lot of fun and I really enjoy them and I do think they can be just as hard and fast paced as the rest of the game

(TheStrangerous) #19

These execution maps have the potential of KOTH/Turf war modes.

(Plagu_e) #20

thats just bs no more