Thanks guys, excuse me please

(Roggued) #1

Hello guys,
backstory: after recent announcement to commmunity of burning ETQW licence key in order to quit gaming-gambling ETQW addiction and perfoming such action with video evidence (already not available), it failed next day, cause with help of unknown commenter, i have realized that i can still login to game using my accounts and passwords stored in brain memory.

I did two sessions ones other another been very drunk and not good emotional on server, typing many things (not insulting, may be a little, once or twice) and using VOIP and talk lot of flood (none usefull information, gabrage, junk) - i talked VOIP max for 30 mins then quit it.

Next day did same with insulting (not much time) smurfs and those who supports them, may be even server admins. Its all cause sensitive justice sence. :rofl: This day i played good TAW EU Custom maps session, was not talking, its was good session and good vibes, even we lost all maps. Zurich context meme: "I like to win, dont get me wrong"©

At 30 of December i was drunk as well, cause of my relative BD. Came on server and start justice chat about smurf but in posirive vibe, next we play some and then we played best ever, epic defence Euro camaign ever (Quaarry, Arc, Salvage) - it was brighfull both sides, Arc impossible disarms, Quarry very very intensive and dynamic, Salvage - even numb. came to us his name not using fake smurf name - and we punished his team on hard battle using deep defence tactics under my command.

So it was great session and campaign.

Here comes conspiracy:alien: Edxod sent me friend reqest via ETQW PM, none ever did so to me, i accepted that request, he wrote something about, ok its privacy right now, but it related to issue.

Suspect and issue: As i added him as a friend may he scaned TCP UDP IP stuff and find my IP, using hack software may be he change voltage or something of my lovely new Microsoft Mouse, after session i go bed and next day swithed On my pC and mouse does not worked, just did not recognied on any usb port any configuration any other PC or laptop.

Edxot has not very good reputation here as i know he behave bad, he suspect in Villa server DDosing, may be other server DDosing, he was banned many time at server etc. He is know to do harm to net, software and even hardware

Now i have no mouse and cannot buy it for a long time, this mouse was a gift from close friend and suspect Edxot kill my mouse just for his own reason.

And you admins of the TAW server know it and you let smurfs, fakes play, messing gameplay, you let people like Bunny to join/spec/join/quit/enter/spec/join last 5 mins/spec (troll) many times during interesting matches and ruin it and troll us in other many ways, you allow do whatever people do on public under tolerance screen. But you dont let em do it same things during premium TAW EU Custom maps session coincidence? I don’t think

Wating for official answers from admins concerning Vanilla public rules, from edxot concering how he will compencate me new mouse etc?

Otherwise I go futher…

(Roggued) #2

I even created poll, if you want me to leave - vote but dotn broke/hax my hardware like a pro.

messageStore 11577774815 {edxot.: why were you going to uninstall ?} - PM message by Edxot did not replyed on it, after session microsof optical usb mouse hacked

Is it possible for a USB port to burn out a device plugged into it?

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If a new mouse doesn’t work take it back to the shop for a refund, but this forum isn’t the place for a witch hunt, be nice.

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If a new mouse doesn’t work take it back to the shop for a refund, but this forum isn’t the place for a witch hunt, be nice.<

It’s oldschool mouse, e-bay price $50, does not produced any more, no refund possible.

Witch hunt<
It’s your own interpretation, dont stick it to me. Who are you? Im talking to players who plays TAW Vanilla public, whats your nickname on server?

Be nice<
Take it back too, not relevant

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this is the Developer’s forum NOT a TAW forum, issues with TAW are best dealt with on their forum NOT here

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this is the Developer’s forum NOT a TAW forum, issues with TAW are best dealt with on their forum NOT here

Its ok now, figured out the situation, its TAW private servers so they are very tolerate people and not kicking or bunning ‘unwanted’ person(s), just DDOSed him (them) from time to time, hinting, suggesting to leave their server plus in game ‘trolling’. I just figured out, sorry, thought was trouble with my hardware but it was just personalized DDOS attacks or something else (hack) that make my PC reboot during games. Plus BBA private server under password.

Seen the whole situation from right angle, thanks guys and developers for such great tolerance, my fault i did not mention it from the start.

Deleted the game and not gonna come back.

Thanks guys, excuse me please.