Summer Squash Part III Update Notes - 10/06/2016

(Chris Mullins) #1

We’re slashing bugs like it’s nobody’s business! This update rounds off our bug-focused Summer Squash - We’ve squeezed tons of fixes into this release, so we’ll let them speak for themselves.

The cavalry is also on the horizon - Our next release is a map optimization pass that’s laser-focused on framerate improvements in matches, and DirectX9EX support for menu and match performance is also in the works. Keep your eye on our Youtube channel for more information in the coming weeks.


  • Made numerous general optimization improvements
  • Greatly reduced negative framerate spikes caused by players joining the game or switching Mercs
  • Improved performance of the post-game Lobby screen in Matchmade games
  • Reduced the memory usage of many different audio files
  • Made several improvements to the death ghost system, making them more reliable and less likely to show bullets passing through walls
  • Added Jackal and CDA headers to the two teams in the Lobby
  • After dropping a Carryable Objective using Alternate Fire, the previously selected item will now be chosen (rather than Primary)
  • Increased Merc selection time in Ranked lobbies to 50s (from 25s)
  • The extra time will allow for a more strategy when planning your team selection
  • Added a HUD indicator for when network conditions are considered poor
  • Our initial values can be tweaked in a future update if required
  • Disabled & removed the ‘Motion-Blur Skinning’ video option as it had no effect in-game
  • Removed several minor environmental effects on ‘Low’ and ‘Minimal’ graphics settings (plastic bags, pigeons, etc.)
  • Alt-F4 will no longer close down the game
  • This is to discourage rage-quitting, as it prevents closing the game instantly
  • Players are now only able to vote once for a Map in the Lobby
  • This is to stop players from spamming the map vote or changing their vote at the last second
  • Added Friends support to the post game Lobby in Matchmade games
  • Added player-muting support to the post game Lobby in Matchmade games
  • Added player reporting to the post game Lobby in Matchmade games

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several commonly reported crashes
  • Fixed bug where Kira’s character model could be corrupted when crouching or incapped, and viewed from a distance
  • Fixed bug where Redeye was unable to disable IR Goggles when they were nearly out of charge
  • Fixed bug where players would sometimes instantly respawn when fully killed, regardless of spawn wave timers
  • Fixed bug where players on MGs were not affected by Molotovs and Healing Stations
  • Phoenix’s Healing Pulse does not yet affect players on MGs - we will address this in a future update
  • Fixed bug where crouching could sometimes cancel a reload
  • Fixed bug where firing a Shotgun once could consume two shells
  • Fixed bug where Ammo Stations and Ammo Caches could provide Ammo through walls
  • Fixed bug where Molotov flames wouldn’t gib incapped enemies
  • Fixed bug where enemy indicators would sometimes be visible through Smoke
  • Fixed bug where weapon switches could occur with no player input during high network packet loss
  • Fixed several issues with preset graphics options applying incorrect settings
  • Fixed bug where ‘unknown’ was listed for the player name when they joined a game
  • Fixed bug where unsent chat messages were not saved when returning to the lobby
  • Fixed bug where melee attack animations would sometimes not be visible on other players
  • Fixed bug where ‘TEXTFIELD’ could display on players’ death ghosts
  • Fixed bug where players could not see the Merc selections of others during the Merc selection phase
  • Merc selection is still hidden for the enemy team in Matchmade games
  • Fixed bug where teamkills were not punished with negative XP in Ranked
  • Fixed bug where players banned from a match would be asked if they wanted to reconnect
  • Fixed bug that would cause numbers on the settings screen to be displayed with excessive numerical accuracy
  • Fixed bug where game music would still play when watching YouTube videos in-game
  • Fixed bug where the game would say ‘has left the game’ without a player name
  • Fixed bug where un-muted players could generate duplicate chat messages
  • Fixed bug where incapacitated Merc bodies would sometimes rotate on the floor
  • Fixed bug where players were seeing the incorrect Jackal/CDA loading screen in Matchmade games
  • Fixed bug where extra brackets could appear around Clan Tags in join/leave messages in Matchmade games
  • Fixed bug where new players were defaulting to ‘Custom’ graphics options

Notable Known Issues

  • Several key environmental effects that play during cinematics are missing on ‘Low’ and ‘Minimal’ graphics settings (explosions, etc.)

(BananaSlug) #2

i dont want to be a dick, but… changing colorgrading from 1 to 2 isnt really a change :joy:

(Dieu-Sama) #3

phew he shaved it

(pumpkinmeerkat) #4


(AdmiralTeddy) #5

@BananaSlug at a first glance it might seem like that, but if you pause and compare, there are noticeable texture differences, everything does look a bit darker but also way more polished.

(Jan S.) #6
  • new lightposts
  • new background buildings, some removed and/or changed
  • new logos for markets

that’s all I’ve noticed so far :stuck_out_tongue:

(BlackboltLW) #7

See, this kind of small additions that makes me really happy

(fuzzel) #8

notes looking good…

(delicateAlmond) #9

i dont want to be a dick but where is the first edition cards ? omg. dont say we removed ! ?

(jnglst) #10


I really wish this would make a difference… but most people just switch to another server. And this is why some players use smurf accounts.

(Shinywindow) #11

That chicken company has been doing y’all some real good

(cakeblock941) #12

[quote=“Shinywindow;207281”]That chicken company has been doing y’all some real good[/quote]

That guy in the back is looking at his ass.

Shiny, is that guy you.

(BlackboltLW) #13

[quote=“Shinywindow;207281”]That chicken company has been doing y’all some real good


Hotline Miami 3 looks promising

(misspo) #14


(Amerika) #15


  • Fixed bug where crouching could sometimes cancel a reload



Yessssssssssssssssss!!! Two years of constantly reporting it and griping and IT’S FIXED :slight_smile:

(Xenithos) #16

Did they fix Phoenix’s Potent Packs Augment being broken!?!!? DID THEY!?@!%*!@&#

(GatoCommodore) #17

so all this time its not giving extra health?!

(M@rs) #18

Thats all very well, but when will you fix ranked?

(dlux) #19

New bugs I found so far:

Molotov’s do not gib anymore.
The FOV slider in the frontend does not have numbers anymore, the ingame one does.

(BerylRdm) #20

Happened to me tonight for the first time, so I think it’s update-related:

  • Toggled mute, but it didn’t work. And believe me, this guy was REALLY annoying :slight_smile: