Suggestion: recycle gold cards

(AdmiralTeddy) #1

Hello, don’t know if this is in the right place or not, but yeah here goes:

I think a system like this would kinda benefit players.
This is mainly because people are better with different stuff, some like the auto sniper while some prefer bolt action, some like shotguns while some prefer smgs and so on.
It’ll also be a solution for the fact that with silver and bronze cards you can upgrade them in hopes of a “different load out setup” but with gold cards, they’re just stuck there.

For example, currently, I have 3 golds. From those cards only one was “dropped” and although I like the card and char, I don’t honestly use the char at all (just doesn’t fit into my play style). I think it’d be cool to be able to recycle it.

Though to make it balanced I came up with a few methods:

1- Recycling X gold card(s) to get a gold card for a certain char. (where x is 1 or greater depending on what devs think is a good number).
2- Recycling a gold card to get a different gold card for that same char.
3- Recycling a gold card to get a random gold card between all chars. it shouldn’t drop duplicates though. (same as the one you put in.)
4- Breaking down X gold cards into Y silvers or bronze cards. (where X is 1 or greater and Y is something balanced, again depending on what devs think is acceptable.)

Keep up the good work <3

(R5on11c) #2

I would say that you convert the gold card into 4 silver cards for the money you needed to convert them into the gold one.

(AdmiralTeddy) #3

yeah any of those 4 seems fair to me, I just wanna get that sawbonez gold card :cry:

(R5on11c) #4

I want to bring new attention to this topic.
Just got the most useless Proxy card i could get after hours and hours of gaming

I can’t do anything with it now, it just rots in my inventory and costed me a lot of gametime.

(AdmiralTeddy) #5

aww man, I like the gun loadout and the engima perk, but yeah other 2 perks suck ;p

They said they were thinking of some solution to this, but I doubt anything in the near future.

(R5on11c) #6

I was more disappointed about the Melee. I was hoping for the Cricket bat or the Stiletto with the +15% melee dmg. but this crap?.. damn… beckhill combat crap.

(AdmiralTeddy) #7

See one thing I do atm, I make a bronze card, if i’m happy with it I keep it other wise i’ll test for a silver one for that char, and so on.

I think gold cards are overrated…well some are actually better than silvers but the luck to getting them for me is 0 xD

(watsyurdeal) #8

I think it’d be the best thing if we could trade cards for credits, so all the golds I don’t want I can use to buy cases or even Mercs.

(AdmiralTeddy) #9

hmm interesting idea, not sure how I feel about it, but it’s definitely a new idea!

(vdll) #10

Some gold cards I have I would gladly exchange for anything else, really. Like, few silver or even bronze cards. Those fecking flying pigs/cool augments, argh.

(impeccableAge) #11

There should at least be a significant penalty for selling a gold card. E.g. get only 2-3 silver cards back. Otherwise it becomes to easy to keep selling until you get the perfect card.

(Hierarch) #12


(Hierarch) #13

I think they should let us use x amount of gold cards and like 10,000 credits to unlock new mercs.

(Fate_6) #14

Got an SMG-9 Nader gold card, would gladly scrap it for 2-3 useful silvers

(DuckY) #15

[Snip] Sorry for the double post it was a accident.

(DuckY) #16

I think you are right on the money here. We need a way to fix gold cards from building up uselessly. I have some that I would never want and a way to dispose of them with a chance to get something I want sounds to good to be true. They should add this and make it so it’s a valid method but maybe if they balance it, it will cost as much as making a bornze card. (2k credits.) This should make things fair and provide purpose to those abundant golds that you don’t want.

(merryWorld) #17

I really like this idea, I think there should be a formula like this for all cards (except lead obviously)

Something like: recycling a card gives you (number of cards of 1 rank lower needed to craft the recycled card) - 1.

For example, if I recycled a gold card, I’d get 3 silvers. If I recycled a bronze, I get 2 irons.

This way, you can’t continually trade up/recycle the same cards. Plus there’d be a fee of some sort.

(sinKrin) #18

I agree with Watsurdeal. I’ve got several I would be quite happy to receive some credits for.

(distinquishedSandwich) #19

Breaking down cards or recycling ?.. I’d rather have recycle!

(aneki) #20

Agreed that there needs to be something here. Got cobalt cards that are completely useless that I can’t do anything with. The fact that you need 6 gold and 10k credits to upgrade for a random card is a joke as well. I’m ok with a steep price, but the random factor for these costs is insane. At least make our random trash-cards useful for something.