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I played years ago, revisiting the game. Downloaded just now, but got stuck downloading mods (just wanted to leap into play). So now I’m stuck in some Polish mod. The game always starts in this mod. How do you get out of a mod to the original screen? Thanks.

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Wow, what mod is that? I though you were trying to change the language of ETQW. Anyway, Modyfikacje seems to be where you change the mod, get in Modyfikacje and try to activate ETQW.

Edit: It looks like you’re in wrong subforum, this seems to be a Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory mod. Uninstall W:ET, clear all related directories:

Finally install modern source port, ET: Legacy:

Here are Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory forums:

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Thanks rea987, you solved it.

Ah, thought this was some kind of combined forum for Enemy Territory and Quake Wars (two separate games).

Tahanks again.

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Back in the days yt: Self Concept Wolfenstein ET