State of the Ennemy Territory: Quake Wars on Xbox 360

(DampedMink992) #1

Hello guys.

Could please somebody share known info regarding current state of online services for ETQW on consoles?

I really like this game and got recently a Xbox 360 version in my collection and find out that it’s quite casual in terms of unlocking all achievements, which i really would like to do since it’s one of my favoriet games.

From what i can see right now, Xbox multiplayer scene is quite dead, which is sadly understandeble but Xbox Live multiplayer is still functioning well. So i tried to play it with my friend and we quickly came to realise that the progress of online achievements is not going anywhere.
I tried to search some information regarding online achievements and as far i understand the game gathers information from some “stats” server, which is currently is unavailible.

Do somebody know the fate of this server?

I’ll try to investigate it myself littlebit later inspecting network requests and look if server addresses are really unreachible or even not in Activision’s possesion anymore, but for right now i really whould appreciate if somebody would share any info regarding this topic.