Start up too large

(PercyP) #1


I am an old Wolfenstein player returning after many years.

I am attempting to run the game on my mac as a partition in windows 10.

I have a 27inch monitor, current resolution set to 3200 x 1800.

When i open the game, the game is magnified to the bottom left corner. I can’t put my alias in to create and go into main. It won’t let me change resolution at this stage.

Can someone help, please?

Thanks in advance.


(WuTangH) #2

So, I did some tests about this… It looks like autoexecs, or .exe shortcuts with parameters dont change resolution of the 1st screen…
I guess you have to create a profile manualy then.

This is how I got to main menu:

[li] Go in W:ET/etmain folder, and create a new folder called profiles
[/li][li] In this profiles folder, create a .txt file and rename it to defaultprofile.dat
[/li][li] Open defaultprofile.dat in a text editor, and write your profile name inside two " " … for example “PercyP” …Just simply write it on 1st line, without anything else.
[/li][li] Save the changes
[/li][li] Start the game. You should now skip the “welcome screen” and go right into Main Menu, and the game should have generated a new config in profiles folder.
However, you will still have the basic game resolution. But now you can edit your newly created config file.
Go in profiles/percyp/ and open etconfig.cfg
Search for these settings and change them like this, or whatever else you want. But other settings might end up just like the basic settings

seta r_mode -1
seta r_customheight 1800
seta r_customwidth 3200

PS: maybe theres much easier way to go into Main menu that I dont know about:rolleyes:

(PercyP) #3

Thank you. I appreciate your effort in helping me.

I have followed the steps you suggested. However, there is no config file created after the first steps.

Therefore, i created my own folder and a config file with the code above in it.

It skips the main screen but doesn’t change the resolution.


(WuTangH) #4

If you manage to write into console in game even with bad resolution, you can try to do it through there.
Remember then that you have to do /vid_restart after these 3 commands.

/r_mode -1
/r_customheight 1800
/r_customwidth 3200

(PercyP) #5

Thanks again.

It seems to change the resokution of the console but no the actual ET interface.

maybe i am doing it wrong? :expressionless:

(ryven) #6

If i am not mistaken, you probably have to click that checkbox in the properties of the executable file to run it in proper scaling.