Splash Damage Merch!

(Moobabe) #1

Oh boy…

2021 is Splash Damage’s 20th year, and we’ve been enjoying celebrating our history across a bunch of our channels. Sharing photos, stories, and never before seen concept art has been great for us as a studio.

One thing we’ve never really done in those twenty years, though, is sell merch, until TODAY.

There are four items in it at the moment, all celebrating our 20th anniversary with the ‘SD20’ logo. You can read more on our blog, as well.

If you do pick anything up make sure to post photos of yourself on here, Discord, or tag us on any of our social channels!

We’re so excited by this step, and who knows, maybe you’ll see some new designs from some of our games in the next year…

(Mustang) #2

Yes, get hyped!

Black one looks super slick.