Splash Damage History (2001-2016)

(wolfETplayer) #1

Sup! Just made a video about long history of my favorite Splash Damage studio.If you interested you can check out the video right here:


P.S There is a lot of personal opinion in the video. It is just my opinion, nothing more.

(light_sh4v0r) #2

Nice video! :slight_smile:

(Nail) #3

seem to have forgotten
Rad Soldiers
Batman Arkham: Origins
and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

(wolfETplayer) #4

Not forgotten. Simply not included. I focused on the major games. Just dont know what to say about these. Perhaps I could mention it.

(Mustang) #5

Good idea for a video series, and nice video on SD also.

(Nail) #6

not really a history without them, especially when it’s likely those games are carrying some or all of the freight for DB