Splash Damage Discord Chat Guide

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Below is a simple guide to getting connected to the Splash Damage Discord channel

WTF Is Discord?

Discord is an all-in-one IRC style chat and VOIP system in one handy service. Discord has a web based client, a Windows and OSX installer and also a mobile client for Android and iOS. Servers can have their own public and private chat and voice channels, or users can group together and for one to one or group chat via the friends system. Discord is completely free and the VOIP system works over the web client and mobile clients also. For a full feature list visit https://discordapp.com/features

How To Connect

To get started you will need an invite link to your desired server, the following link will get you the Splash Damage Discord: https://discord.gg/PnCuJhJ

Once clicked, you’ll be taken to the Discord site and the following options will be shown

If you just want to pop in temporarily you can choose a username and hit continue and choose to skip the setup stages, however if you think you’ll be sticking around more or using other Discord servers then proceed through the registration process to get your account created.

If you’re in with a temp account and decide that you actually want to stay, you can claim your temp account and make it permanent. Down the bottom left of the screen you will see your username, mute options and the user settings option

The first screen will be the Account settings, from here you can choose to claim your account by entering an email address and password of your choice

For any help or assistance with Discord you can visit the help page at https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us

Handy Things

  • To highlight someone type @username and they will get a notification
  • You can edit or delete previous text by hovering over the line of text and clicking the cog at the end to show options
  • To edit your last sentence quickly press the up arrow on your keyboard
  • Discord logs chats when you’re not there so you can scroll back to read conversations that you’ve missed
  • Discord also logs your mentions, press @ at the top right to read them
  • Those used to IRC may prefer the compact text look, go to user settings, appearance and select compact
  • For a list of various emotes type /

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