Splash Damage developing Gears Tactics

(DarkangelUK) #1

At E3 it was announced that Splash Damage have been working on Gears Tactics, a turns based strategy game based in the Gears of War universe, and it’s exclusive to PC.

(Nail) #2

reminded me much of Rad Soldiers, a good thing

(Begin2018) #3

I hope there is no EV in this game :stuck_out_tongue:

(AlbinMatt) #4

So its XCOM, but we get to invade the aliens?

(Nail) #5

more like Rad Soldiers I think, point and click more than micromanage

(Moobabe) #6

Excited that this has finally been announced!

(D'@athi) #7

The game in the video also looks to me like some kind of the original X-COM:“Ufo-Defense”/“Terror From the Deep”-game, but you don’t see too much, to be honest. Simply let’s hope it’s not pure X-Com, because Open-X-Com and Xenonauts are both exceeding the original, by far. :stuck_out_tongue:
And, on the other side, let’s hope it’s these real SD working on it/at it?, so when they’re done, they may help out on DB again. At least, if it is sanctioned, and if DB isn’t totally gimped and/or dead by then.

(Nail) #8

not even close