So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

(eitsch0r) #1

Hey everyone … thank you for all your efforts.

linkservice for non-german-tongue-literates: (edit1: as it seems, most of the text is hidden behind this too expanded shown picture. so there is in fact more text than just the two paragraphs above the picture. edit2: when you shrink your browser window in width, the picture gets downsized too. so then the text reappears)

I really liked you when you started all this with forming more than a “band of brothers” on the development of RTCW-Standalone Wolf:ET. I really liked that you tried since then to further this kind of team based objective oriented multiplaying experience.

I congratulate Paul (and others?) on his gold plated (br?)exit, may you live long, prosper and without any financial pressures anymore. And maybe you can use that money and buy back the Wolf:ET IP from Bethesda so that you can finish, err, i mean recreate the real Wolf:ET in new clothing. In times when we get a new and shiny WW1 game, redoing a hopefully equally shiny and fit WW2 game still seems like a valid business opportunity! :wink:


(FrankieGodskin) #2

Smells like fish, tastes like chicken.