Setting record straight

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There are a few things that I never bothered to explain to the “community”, and so, this thread is for that purpose.

  1. It wasn’t Solarisk that found how to log into the server. It was me.
    A long time ago, there was some problem with all the servers in the world and nobody was being able to connect to any of the remaining servers. Some day I saw a server with one player and joined it. He apparently got very surprised about this and in a matter of seconds very more players came to the server, Solarisk being the first one. Then all of them started to compliment him for his discovery. And he took credit for it !!

Well to be honest, I didn’t discover anything myself. This was something that I was doing for ages at that point. It started because something else that happened long before, during the splatterladder phase of the game. During that time I was always looking for servers with a lot of people, so I could get the best possible xp score. Some day I noticed that in my game, in the servers tab, it was providing me false information. It would say that a server was empty when it was in fact almost full. At this point there were 4 servers in America that I would usually play: Crypt, BBA, Micronuts, Cherry Blossom. This was obviously with the intention to fool me, and make me connect somewhere else. After that, I started to use this site “” to search for servers, and written a lot of little files that I would execute after starting the game, to join to a server. Example: I have a file called “taweu.cfg” where inside there is just this string: connect

To me, it was good. I immediately knew who was going to be the next hero. I mean, when people are cheating "in any of the zillion possible ways " they still need a good justification for the unexpected game results. And Solarisk was going to be their justification. Thanks for the heads up. You guys told me everything I needed to know in advance.

  1. Legende was, and probably still is, cheating with an aimbot.
    At some point in the past, a player called Roggued presented a demo of Legende killing someone near the mining laser on area 22. I saw the video, and got the feeling that it was aimbot. Because if you would press pause twice very fast on the video, you could see it almost frame by frame. And then you see the mouse movement in very slow motion. And if you do that, you could see that it was not a natural mouse movement. It started with a perfect 45 degrees diagonal, until the cross-air was aligned with the enemy head, and then it moved there in a perfect straight line.

This was surprising to me. That guy had killed me many times in the past, but I never thought he was in any way better then me. I usually play with a lot of different sensitivities on the mouse. And in order to pay all day long, I prefer to use one that is not the best, but that does not require so much work from me. Playing with my best settings would be too exhausting, to the point of having to rest an whole hour after a 20 minute map. Nevertheless I would change it in the game if required, and would be able to kill the guy as necessary, but would only do it for short periods.
At that time my response was to present a demo from someone playing wolfenstein enemy territory with a lot of unbelievable shots. Because Roggued was always saying and doing things intended to heart me. And so, he got the payback from me.

Long time later I had a few strange games against a few fake players. Strange because I wasn’t lagged as usual. From my perspective it was someone trying to configure an aimbot. Trying to make it look better than me, but not so much that would raise suspicion. Only then I realized what was the deal with Legende. He had done the same in the past, and so, he got his aimbot to be better than me, but not too much better.

  1. I was not kicked out of TAW, I left on my own.
    And I had plenty of reasons. Nobody (with a few exceptions) was interested in any sort of practice/preparation before the internal events/matches. My squad leader asked me to play opressor/field ops in a map that I didn’t knew at all (imagine the tk spree). I got asked to play at a NA event just to have some tards teamkilling me intentionally. All this before the last nail in the coffin: I created a thread on TAW forum to explain why I thought that their internal rules were bad, and would heart them in any clan war. It consisted of 3 main ideas:
  • Having a squad leader limits the abilities of his players to his knowledge of the game.
  • Having someone in charge of deciding what everyone should do, was wasting a lot of time during games.
  • And having a plan was not a bad idea at the start of a map, but everyone would immediately want to change it after meeting the enemy and seeing that it was not working. In the way TAW does things, one would have to fail over and over again until the squad leader acknowledges that.
    Was hoping that this thread would open a discussion, that would make things evolve into something better. But no, the thread was deleted, and then someone came to me on Teamspeak to tell me that TAW was not a democracy. Ok, I get it, you want to make this look like some military thing. But it’s not, it’s just a game. From outside perspective all you got there is a pyramid scheme, not some military based clan.
  1. Someone is going to present demos of me using an aimbot. That’s right, after all the retarded things I seen around here, this is going to be the next one. There have been many moments in the recent years (2 or 3) where I felt that I got too lucky. Shots that I thought I missed, but that the game considered as hits. Things that people don’t care too much about, because they just think it’s lag.
    I started paying attention to this after a single episode on salvage. As strogg, after the mining laser was built, jumped the wall and was killing enemies from behind. At some point found an enemy near a window that was almost dead like 1 or 2 health points. He was stopped (not moving) and so I approach him and fired a single shot to the back of his head. He started to move at that exact moment. What happened there still confuses me to this day. The shot I fired missed the target (cause he moved) but then my cross-air snaps to the place where he went, and a second shot hits him in the head. I still don’t get it. I didn’t press the mouse button enough time for that second shot. And there is no auto-shot going on, at least in my games I never seen it shoot without me pressing fire.

That’s all, for now. Better late than never I guess. Even more after seeing all the recent lies building up on other previous lies and causing a lot of damage.

PS: Forum mods please prevent other people from replying to any of this, and including the whole original message. This had been done it the past and the obvious intention is to make the thread as unreadable as possible.

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dead game bro chill

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Dead or not, someone in TAW still very active. Just listen to what they have done now:

They game administrator privileges to some guy that just joined the clan, while other players that are there since a long time ago still don’t have it.
Then that guy, who you can’t kick or ban because of the admin thing, just comes to the server to act like an idiot. Not even going to present evidence or describe what he has been doing because everyone knows it (or at least, know part of it).
Then some day I get tired of ignoring it. This clown was behind my teams spawn, shooting rockets at something that was in front of it. I don’t know if his intention was to shoot down our teams flyer or just teamkill me. I just saw the rocket passing close enough to me that I decided it was about time to get even. So I also started to teamkill him. One time, two times, and at third time, I got banned !!
It also seems that this was his intention from the start, because he never joined the server again.

To me, this is very annoying. I still have to teamkill this retard at least a couple hundred times before I can call it even.
And for other people too, they also need to teamkill him forever.

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Anyone interested in knowing who the server owner is ? Cause I will leak that if this ban continues.

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Server owner is SUN.Adam

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2 much intel