Server not appearing in ET master server list + I have installed something that I can't seem to undo

(fANAT1C#) #1

Hey all

I was setting up a trickjump server for Wolfenstein ET from my gaming laptop (laptop system specifications aren’t the issue). My server is up and running and people can connect to it when I give them the IP address but my server will not appear in the master server list. In my search to fix this problem I came across with the website etmasterDOTnet and I followed the steps explained on their website:

After doing these steps explained I figured out that this method (according to some forums) does no longer work either. The problem right now is that my game client doesn’t show any servers in the list at all anymore. I have uninstalled Wolfenstein completely (also wiped the program files/wolfenstein enemy territory folder but the server list remains empty after reinstalling the game.

So my questions are:

How can I make my ET client make the servers appear in the server list again?
How do I make my server appear in the master server list? Because I know people can connect to the server when I give them the IP address.

Thanks in advance, fANAT1C