SDK Custom Map Files

(Assassin4004) #1

Hey everyone, I’ve had a few people whom have contacted me interested in making a map and I thought to myself that it would be really cool if they could load custom maps in editWorld (the program used for making ETQW maps) to use as an example when creating a ETQW map. This would be in addition to the one custom map that comes with the SDK.

I am hoping we could use this thread to try and obtain all the editWorld files, model files, textures, etc that goes into making a single ETQW map. This thread can also be used for individuals whom have also started custom maps but never completed them. I am hoping that this information has not been completely lost forever, as it would definitely be beneficial for future and current map makers. This is not a thread for uploading the pk4 file as this does not include all the necessary files for editWorld. I feel that a zip file would be the best format for uploading maps via this thread. Let me know what you guys think of this idea.

A special thanks to shibbyuk for uploading Santorini! I will create a giant zip file containing all the editWorld custom maps so anyone may use these as examples in the future.