SD Hiring

(hismaimai8888) #1

i didnt aplly but is there any chance we could have a link to some of the stuff submited as a portfolio? ime just interested in the level of quality shown bu aplicants


(DarkangelUK) #2

Anything submitted would be under Data Protection I believe, even if it is publicly available. It would be up to the applicants to come here and post their submissions, SD wouldn’t dream of doing that.


Hello! Even if you haven’t applied with us (yet), it’s great to hear that you’re interested.

Darkangel would be correct - sharing portfolios from previous applicants would risk exposing their personal information. Every candidate’s information needs to remain confidential.

That said, if you look online (search for “Game Design Portfolio” or something similar), you should be able to find portfolios that people have uploaded to the public domain.

If you’re interested in working for us (or you know someone who is), then feel free to head to our careers portal: