RTCW QuakeCon @ Home Signup & Details Released!

(Virus047) #1

Cancellation of the in person QuakeCon event has afforded us the opportunity to run a QuakeCon @ Home Return to Castle Wolfenstein 6v6 event with the finals broadcast on main QuakeCon stream.


Event: QuakeCon @ Home 6v6 RTCW
Date: Aug. 7th - 9th
Sign-up goal: 8 Teams per region (EU and NA)

-Separate tournaments for European and North American based teams.
-Group stage seeds a single elimination bracket.
-Skill based divisions (open and invite)

How to sign-up
Sign-ups open: Now!
Sign-ups close: 7/26/2020

-Go to https://www.rtcw.live/
-Click register at top of page
-Select your region and proceed through Challonge ticket system
-Captain registers team
-Minimum of 3 players required to register a team
-Minimum of 6 players on a roster by close of signups
-Maximum of 8 players on roster
-Teams can have a maximum of 2 non-region players

North America Schedule
8 PM EST: Group Stage Game 1
9 PM EST: Group Stage Game 2

7 PM EST: Group Stage Game 3
8 PM EST: Brackets Rd 1 (Quarter Finals)
9 PM EST: Brackets Rd 2 (Semi Finals)

TBA: Finals

European Schedule
FRI Aug 7th

20:30 CET: Check-in
21:00 CET: Group Stage Round 1
22:30 CET: Group Stage Round 2

SAT Aug 8th

19:00 CET: Check-in
19:30 CET: Group Stage Round 3
21:00 CET: Brackets Quarter-Finals
22:30 CET: Brackets Semi-Finals

SUN Aug 9th
TBA: Finals

Both North American and European communities run active pug and organized gather events through discord.
The event’s website has FAQ and an installation guide for getting back into the game. Further help can be found on the community discords.


https://discord.gg/Q2GCab4- quakecon event discord
https://discord.com/invite/YYxejnf- na community discord
https://discord.com/invite/EaDEtVW- eu community discord

Event Websites:

https://www.rtcw.live/na - na event website
https://www.rtcw.live/eu- eu event website
https://rtcw.challonge.com/events/quakecon#/ - Challonge Event Page