Revans demo [2020/pc/hun/eng/rom/pol/ru]

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Hey All!

Allow me to introduce a new FPS game:
(Sorry my english, i used for translation)

Next year is a game exclusively developed by Hungarian, which will be the first in the computer games market to grab (quite strongly) the theme of Trianon.

The main features of REVANS are:
– more gameplay, with more unique solutions and tunes,
– lots of valuable historical information besides task solving,
– Single player and Cooperative gameplay!

The game’s mood is, according to the developer, somewhere between Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Thief.
The demo is expected around May 2020, during which time a Transylvanian castle will be put in order and the tasks set will be fulfilled.

The developer’s thoughts can be read below the picture.
(he created the Mohaa-Coop and ReWolfenstein mods and participated in the development of the RtCW-Coop and Wolf3d-Coop mods)

This game is made for those who, despite all warnings and discourses, are stubbornly receptive to Hungarian history, and are not afraid to learn more and more about the greatest national tragedy in our history of Trianon, and even if just a little bit, deep down, are getting tired of games designed by top managers who are looking for a bonus, in fact, based on completely uninteresting conflicts.

The purpose of The Revenge will be clear to those who, as can be expected of normal – minded people, are not willing to accept, after a hundred years, that if their country, which is already a difficult country, is mutilated with impunity, and humiliated their people to the ground. For them, the wound of Trianon remains an eternal burning and bleeding wound, which, as a sacred duty, can only be healed one way. The following image was taken from a contemporary poster for REVANS:

In spite of its traditional FPS style, it also seeks to enrich those who take the trouble and read into the material found in a game with graphics not slightly below this expected level. The good news is that the game can be completed without reading them, which will probably be accused of right-wing extremism among those whose paralyzed brain function has already been taken over by the Liberal machine that emptied everything, and prefer to jump in pink tutus, screaming to be disgusted with everything that is Hungarian. They are the ones who, 75 years after the final defeat of the Nazis, for their own justification, still see Nazis in every bush. And because they find so much, they are, for lack of a better one, calling out the slightly more conservative and the unconditional love of their country. Until they’re friendly in the way…

But in the spirit of tolerance, they should not be harmed, and the game maker here considers it important to indicate that he did not forget them during the development, as besides their decadent perception they are also Hungarian people. Or so they say…

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