Retail PC, Retail Mac, Steam license code and game account compability

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Hey all,

I wonder if license codes and game accounts of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is compatible with Retail PC, Retail Mac and Steam version. I do not mean Steam key activation; instead usage of license code of one version with another version. As most you might aware, the retail PC version comes with a license code which players use to create online accounts to play the game online. Steam version however has its own CD key in Windows registry which stored in “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\ETQW\licensecode” target. It can also be reach via Steam client’s “CD Key” option. What do you think? Are those keys and game accounts compatible visa versa? I am asking this because as far as I see ETWQ stocks on Amazon and eBay are about to be drained. Couple years ago there were lots of used or even new ETQW available but recently I detect way less than 100 all regions combined. According to SteamDB, there are about 25,000 owners of ETQW which is more than enough keys to increase the population.

Of course, using license code of ETQW which belongs to another Steam account is risky but I just want to increase the number of possibilities.

What do you think? Thanks.


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I happily announce that retail license code and user accounts of the game are cross-platform which means same license code as well as user account work on native Windows, GNU/Linux and macOS versions of the game.

Though, I do not know about former digital releases such as Steam, Direct2Drive and GameAgent.

Edit: As I have just received the confirmation, license code and user account of Steam version of ETQW works with retail versions; not to confuse with Steam CD Key activation.

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Buying a used retail box (PC) ;is the key will it be tie to the original owner only?

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That’s not related with the topic but no. You will need to have a license code to create an online account in order to play the game online. Once you create your online account you won’t be asked the license code any longer; the password of the account might be asked in case of log off/login. The password of the account can be reset by using the license code which you will receive with the game. So, you will own the game for sure.