Reputation & Thank You

(Joe999) #1

i think this reputation thing is obsolete. it doesn’t seem to have any effect. everyone has 4 stars. well, except for digibob …

i rather suggest that you remove this rep stuff and instead introduce a “thank you” button for every post. i’ve seen it on a dvd forum recently. eg whenever someone informs the others about a new low price of a bluray disc, you can simply press the “thank you” button. additional benefit: that way the thread doesn’t get cluttered with useless thank you posts.

what does this have to do with rep? well, there are several people who really make quality posts like eg GUNSL1NG3R. in the past days i’d have pressed the thank you button several times. the rep should be calculated from those quality posts and not by up/downvoting of forum users.

downvoting is a bad idea in general. if someone gets downvoted, then that someone probably behaved in a not so friendly way. it’s the job of the admins to deal with those people, it shouldn’t involve the users.

just an idea :slight_smile:

(stealth6) #2

I actually have a few downvotes on good posts lol, sometimes it even says nice post or whatever (not sarcastic) but I still got a downvote lol!

(badman) #3

I agree that the system isn’t perfect and we’ve been looking at a more useful replacement for it. The Thank You button is a nice idea, I’ll throw that into our thought aquarium - thanks Joe :slight_smile:

If anyone else has any thoughts on this stuff, please chime in.


Presses “Your Very Welcome” button
Presses “Thank You” button

EVGA forums use Ribbons for helpful posts and the quantity of ribbons displayed shows under the posters name. Great for overclocking advice, + ribbons = good advice

(WhiteAden) #5

or Kudos maybe… or Like & unlike… and the total of likes & dislikes result in a score… (this could make the infractions system easier, cause if someone’s posting a douche comment, whoever reads it will most likely dislike it… if you admins have an option to sort (new) posts by Likes the ones at the bottom might be worth looking at and possibly giving an infraction…


if this is implemented now the stars could reflect “likes per post” but it’d have to ‘start over’ for those who have a lot of posts already (cause otherwise it wouldn’t be a realistic indication)

(Nail) #6

works fine the way it is

(Apoc) #7

Happy Tapir or Sad Tapir?

(stealth6) #8

maybe you could tie in the thanks button to rate threads too since that doesn’t really happen much either.
So a thread containing a post with alot or a few thanks also gets a rating.

(kamikazee) #9

Agreed on the need for a “Donaty Pony” button, the reputation thing just lingers on.

(_milla) #10

i think point system can be better like “thank you” ,or something simple for example :do you like this post?yes/no)

(Joe999) #11

you can rate topics already. and i doubt that anyone would rate a single post. the sole reason for my suggestion is to highlight people who contribute real value

(WhiteAden) #12

I will more likely rate an individual post over a whole thread… cause there are always useful posts hidden in useless topics and the other way around… =)

(stealth6) #13

yes but I was saying that nobody rates the topics lol. so it’s kinda of a useless feature atm.

And that you doubt that somebody will rate an individual post is wrong, I’ve seen it done loads of times. it’s just basically right under the post so you’re like that was a good post or handy info or that helped and then you just click “Thanks”. Takes like 0.5 seconds to do :stuck_out_tongue:

And I was saying they could then tie this feature in with rating topics, so if a topic contains a post with a larger amount of thanks it is supposedly a good answer to the topic (successful thread?)

(_milla) #14

nice, but this is not support forum, i mean , ok, i can click on someones post “thanks” if he post some useful info how to fix windows (for example) or whatever, but here?
who will receive “thanks” revards, and for what?

all species of tapirs were discovered, there will be no thanks post for that:wink:

(stealth6) #15

well maybe you could replace the Thanks with a tapir :smiley:
then it’s just for nice post or whatever :smiley:

(_milla) #16

[QUOTE=stealth6;212904]well maybe you could replace the Thanks with a tapir :smiley:
then it’s just for nice post or whatever :D[/QUOTE]

yeah, button “i like it” will be great:wink:

(kamikazee) #17

[QUOTE=stealth6;212904]well maybe you could replace the Thanks with a tapir :smiley:
then it’s just for nice post or whatever :D[/QUOTE]You can’t give out tapirs, hence my suggestion for ponies. Tapirs get annoyed by treating them as property, seriously. If you really want to appease tapirs, donate to the fund.

Anyway, the “Thank you” or “Fine post” button would be fine.

(derbyjozef) #18

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Thank you…

(Nail) #19

everyone’s stars are gone, where did they go ?

(badman) #20

They’re still there in people’s profiles. Since everyone’s got four at the moment (and this is unlikely to change until we get our new system up and running), we thought we’d replace them with a slightly more dynamic stat in the actual threads (post count in this case).