Remake RtCW or ET for PS4 and Xbox 1 PC

(makoshark222) #1

Hmmmm how about it? People are craving to go back to a good WWII shooter for these consoles. Get it done!:stroggbanana:

(rorgoroth) #2

I’ve given up a long time ago on getting a WW1/WW2 based shooter or updated remake from SD.

You should check this out though:


Looks like it’s gonna be real f****n good!

(stealth6) #3

I’d wait for some more gameplay footage before I judge BF1… Wouldn’t be the first time they create a beautiful game with buggy gameplay.

(freidadye) #4

Gameplay is actually a fun.

(Nail) #5

both titles belong to ZeniMax/Bethesda, posting here is futile

(stealth6) #6

Well BF1 is fun. Ended up buying it after all of my friends forced me to, just bought the DLC so I can keep playing. Map design is a bit meh, but gameplay is fun.