Refinery (QWO) alternate route to south & trick plant

(REA987) #1

Hey there!

As TAW clan plays some Quake Wars Online maps via Tourney mod, I feel like I need to show a trick I found in order to have fair games. Here it is, my first ever own ETQW video; quite low production value, laptop microphone (booo), terrible vocabulary and sore throat. Nevertheless, I believe, its show the route and the trick quite well. There you go;


(.numb) #2

Sneaky sneaky, will make sure to watch this route

(REA987) #3

Try it. :wink: It’s also possible to jump on South Stroyent Converter from the vent behind, but I was unable to crawl to the front of the objective to reach “plantable” area. Give it a try. :smiley: