RE: The Future of Dirty Bomb

(Dirty Bomb player) #61

So do I.
I started playing DB just 2 months ago, and the following day they updated it to 1.0.
I thought i’m really lucky. :sob:

(Xenithos) #62


can we make it happen?

(mrdisco) #63

What part of “being dead” you don’t get it?

They are not redirecting resources to fulfill your stupid ideas.

Get over it, ffs. This is getting REALLY annoying.

(mrdisco) #64

I don’t buy it this half-ass excuse. Then again, I couldn’t care less.

(K1X455) #65

It’s not an excuse.

If you don’t like the explanation, then you deserve the silence SD has done. SD couldn’t care less for you as well. Like any other legal enterprise, they’re just abiding by the law. Even freeware is governed and enforced by laws and regulation.

Live with it. The faster you accept that fact of life on earth, the more you’ll be connected and not be out of touch with what’s going on.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #66

Disco never dies, just like Dirty Bomb :wink:

(NHLfan) #67

I’m still not ready to realize, that after ~2 month you released a official out-of-beta version, you stopped developing the game.

this game needs to be open-sourced, etc.
let the community develop the game and make new maps, etc.

(Belica) #68

last month when they updated to 1.0 release, i invite my friend to play this one, he bought all the DLC except the merc dlc since its not able to purchase somehow, and now they just close it for god damn reason, funny they said will refund only the merc DLC, not the whole DLC, hey dev last question here, how do i tell my friend about thiefling you got here hmmm?, i mean i think i must be very stupid to trust people like you guys, i shouldn’t invite my friend for an incompetent you had, now i really dont know how to tell my friend about money he spend on DLC that will last only for a month. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

last but not least, you guys suck at developing, oh-oh i will make my self clear, you guys the worst person ever. :kissing_heart:

(Loffy) #69

BRINK and Dirty Bomb, two unique and great games that I will always appreciate and love. Great replay-value and fast-paced, fun team-based online shooters. Thanks for the work so far — looking forward to you next project! Hey, why not make a single-player game for once \o/ Whatever you do, I rest assure it will be some sweet things that I will enjoy to a great extent!

(Ca9ine) #70

Just heard the news myself and decided to come by to do the same, pay my respects.
I was also a part of the closed alpha group and I’m sad to see it go. It had potential, but I think all of us always kinda expected a new ET:QW or something to top ET:QW, and won’t give any other ET-style game a chance unless it’s branded ET.

Nexon killed it for me too, but I actually have it installed and play it on occasion after it hit Steam.

Good to see you, dom. (damn, we’re old… :joy: )

(DarkangelUK) #71

Look at all these old farts coming out of their care homes to pay their respects :smiley:

(Kendle) #72

And another one … :smiley:

Was in the Alpha many many years ago, after playing ET from 2003 and RTCW before that, all I ever wanted was an Et-esque class-based objective shooter, SD killed that for me with the advent of specialities that allowed any class to do anything (albeit not as well as others), true class-based gameplay out the window and with the attention on stuff like mercs / cards / cases / trinkets or whatever that shit is all about which I was never interested in in the first place, and it was game over for me years ago.

Still, sad to see the game finally released after all these years only to be abandoned what seems like moments later … guess I join the list of old gamers that no-one makes games for anymore, what happened to just running round virtual environments shooting the virtual shit out of people you don’t know? :smiley:

(Mc1412013) #73

I wanted to only type “k” but wont let me

(Teflon Love) #74

Try “kthxbye” next time, should have a similar effect and contains enough letters for the forum to accept it. :wink:

(Xenithos) #75

It is extremely awesome to see them coming!

(RageSmirk) #76

OMG, this is the first game that I used my money to spend on.
Oh well, farewell. Not everything lasts forever.

(dommafia) #77

Nice to see you too bro. Looking at my profile pic, damn hes now 8 years old and Im damn near 40, Ill be playing fps until i shit the bed. So long SD.

(Xyfurion) #78

I love Dirty Bomb from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget the 1000+ hours I spent playing this game because of how fun the game is and all the people that I met. Despite all the decisions that led to the game’s death, I still enjoyed it. DB consumed my daily life for more than 2 and a half years, and I enjoyed (almost) every second of it.

I think we all saw this day coming, yet none of us wanted it to be a reality. I know the developers wanted nothing but the best for the game, but I wish they paid more attention to the community feedback than you did throughout the game’s development. I hope to see what you have in store for the future, and I hope that you learn from your mistakes with Dirty Bomb. Godspeed.

Also @Xenithos , I’m down for games but I’m just really busy with uni lately so basically I’m free weekends.

If anyone wants to add me, go ahead. My steam is Xyfurion and discord is !Xyfurion#0358

Also please don’t ask questions about HUDEdit. Much like the development of Dirty Bomb, development of HUDEdit has stopped.

Farewell o7

(B_Montiel) #79

You might be right. But as far as I understand Moobabe’s post he’s mostly refering to Epic games’s stuff.

If SD and Nexon were dumb enough to close a deal that would supersede the usual Epic Games terms - that are very broad and allow tons of stuff - at the cost of annihilating the possibility of releasing a SDK, that’s on them as well.

Like any other SD game turned actually good without the community working on it. They still did better than brink, but not even close W:ETpro or ET:QWpro.

Like those overpowered performance improvements made on top of the original UE3 code. I’m still looking for them. They baited so many with those in the first place.

(K1X455) #80

All this discussion about SDKs has intrigued me.

Is it possible for SD to disclose what they all are?

eg, Autodesk Scaleform