RE: The Future of Dirty Bomb

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I’d like to thank Shinywindow for his great DB videos and art.

Also @Xenithos and @OCB-Wildcard for putting up with me and my sparpsing.

And @BooryDarthNader for the profile pic.

And some others I’ll put on a list later.

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Abandoning the developement is letting it die. What is there to entice players to stay and new ones to join if theres nothing to look forward to

Also a final assault load out cards would be nice one last mini event is well deserved

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They didnt really abandon it, i mean 1.0 barely came out ~1 month ago, and they have another project for microsoft and it makes sense to put most of the team on it. if it does well microsoft willgo back to SD

(Mc1412013) #44

Couldnt care less about microsucks or there gears of boring game

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(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #46

It would great if they put those nvidia skins in the shop and not just let them rot in the game files.

(D'@athi) #47

Simply here to leave my personal Top5 of things I’ve learned beeing important about making a videogame if you got an awesome idea and get a big community for free because these naabs are starving for a game like this…

  • Get tons of artist-time on the budget, forget about the coders. Doesn’t matter if the game is finished and people waiting for important stuff. Cashgrab them collectors as much as you can with new skins and characters. Gamebreaking stuff mostly really isn’t as gamebreaking and important to fix as everyone else tells you.

  • Never change this businessmodel, even after the wales have left and/or stopped pumping money into your project. The moment this happens, simply start blaming everyone else. The investors will clearly understand.

  • No autobalance, not even balancing the number of players per team. Every other game using it, simply is not competetive.

  • 10 ticks/sec is more than enough. The guy on the Playstation gave some 5 minute long monolouge about it, and although I stopped listening to it after 10 secs, it sounded quite convincing. Same goes for building the game around 30fps. Or do you know any other professional competetive game, where players seek high fps?

  • Dedicated servers. That’s important, because every other game having problems with lagswitchers and nethackers simply don’t use them. You can even use the cheapest hoster you get, if you are using dedicated servers, no one will ever notice it.

R.I.P. DB, hope it was worth it.

(K1X455) #48


60tick is industry standard.

CS:GO goes as far as 64

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I would love to see a final comic showing us which side finally won.

(Teflon Love) #50

Not sure if Nvidia still wants their shiny logo to be combined with Dirty Bomb’s now apparent stench of decay.

(B_Montiel) #51

Sorry Moobabe, that’s the kind of statement that either shows the proper imcompetence of the team or how you can throw straight up lies to the community. Half of the same scale UE3 based games possess a SDK modding tool, I don’t think DB and SD are something special out there for that topic. UE3 is at large developped and branded as a pretty much open engine. As long as you bought the engine licensing back from Nexon, you should be able to do that pretty easily.

Sorry again, but DB communication has been filled with that kind of statements since day one. You’re by far one of the most honest person we’ve seen interacting with us. But, to anyone who gets more insterested in video games than just keyboard mashing, half of the SD communication on debugging, server management, core performance improvements have been bananas in our face for 5 years.

We were a bunch of people with a strong user knowledge on what could improve the situation for many people, simply by copy/pasting solutions from other games that actually worked. I.E. adjustable timing on ragdolls : in DB, everyone has tried the 3 fps pile of ragdolls, almost smoking your graphic card. They do take a lot of resources for nothing on low end pcs. Chivalry simply added a parameters to quicken their visible duration, improving the average fps roughly 20 to 30 frames per second on potato config. It got turned down : too hard addition for the expected improvements. I could go for days about this kind of ideas getting straight smashed down without tests.

TL; DR : Quit the bullshit talking, we’re past that for now. You’ve already turned your game undead.

(Xenithos) #52

I concur. Even the Twitch skins too, or some better way to get them. As of now they haven’t mentioned any way to obtain those despite there being several twitch players that should get some.

(Xenithos) #53

Thought that’d be fun to see, or even any more lore regarding it, I’m not sure why they would. If Jackals won, then what’s the point of playing Defenders. Even if the storyline HIGHLY supports Jackal winning every single event so far (:D)

(dommafia) #54

Just coming by to pay my respects to the game and the Dev team. Just saw the news. I stopped playing dB in 2016. I was part of the first group that got to play the alpha of this game in 2011 or 2012, my memory is hazy.

I fell in love with the game the moment I first played it and played and spent way too much money and time on it. I did it because I’ve loved splash damage as a Dev for a long time for all the years of fun I had for free in wolfenstein Enemy territory. Quake wars was incredible from a Gameplay aspect. If only we had a better engine at that time…

I stuck it out in dB for all those years because it was the only game that provided anything close to what WET and etqw did. After all the ups and downs with nexon and the slowdown of new content I just lost interest in hitting that Play button.

I will always keep on eye on SD’s next game. I’m hoping for anything non console centric but deep down I think I know the ET type of games are gone for good. At least Paul Wedgewood is a millionaire now. His work paid off.

(ASD) #55

as development has now stoped please dont ask for feedback as you obviously dont look at it anymore

(Mc1412013) #56

Yeah if they knew weeks ago there gonna drop dvelopement why the f**k they keep posting bi weekly question sections on redit . I dont think i saw any responses there

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #57

I was thinking to keep things fun for faceit since there were four seasons of ranked SD can synch up each season of the year(summer, fall, winter and spring) with a different set of ranked skins while the orange facit skins can be available year round.

(Your worst knifemare.) #58

Tbh why not just re-release all of the previous special edition skins (excluding founders and ranked) in the store for Rads. It would give something extra for new and older players to work for since development is finished after the last balance patch.

Plus it would give me another chance to get myself a Dickens Sparps.

(K1X455) #59

What Moobabe is trying to explain is that SD has used tools that are specifically licensed to Splash Damage and releasing a SDK with the tools is not possible due to royalties not being paid to the licensor of the said tools. If another developer is licensed to use such tools, then they can, in theory be allowed to develop additional items like maps, weapon skins, etc that may be included in Dirty Bomb.

Releasing an SDK without the tools is a tedious process that will turn out to be a big can of worms because non-standardisation can happen and it will be difficult to manage products that gains popularity without making due considerations towards the IP of the product.

(Mc1412013) #60

No noobs were not part of event. They dont get them