RE: The Future of Dirty Bomb


I’m not going anywhere until DB closes its doors, but if any of you guys wanna keep in touch, I’m STARRYSOCK#7660 on discord and STARRYSOCK on steam!

I don’t really have a big farewell story like some other people here, never have been good with those lol. I like to focus on the positives, a lot of the people here have probably seen me do it to an almost obnoxious amount. Despite that, I’m not surprised with this news after everything else that’s happened, but DB is still a great game, I have a lot of fun playing it, and I don’t plan on leaving it so long as its here.
DB was the first real multiplayer I ever played, pretty much the only multiplayer game I kept playing for years, and even if it wasn’t for this, it’s probably good that I branch out and try other games lol. I made a lot of really close friends in DB, 185 of my 328 person steam friendslist. And considering I had only around 15 people before I found DB, I’d say it was definitely worth it. It’s been fun, still is, and I hope the rest of ya’ll will stick around with me!

Would be nice if we could at least have a few minor balance changes so we’re not stuck with them right up until the end. I don’t care about minor stuff like rhino’s 2% hitbox reduction, but it would be great to see issues that almost everyone can agree on like shotgun range addressed. It’s just a value change after all

And @Moobabe if it’s possible I’d absolutely love to see some of the other stuff that never made it into the game, like those other maps, mercs and obsidians you were working on. I need my DB lore fix lol

Also another thing, I heard the TV and movie rights were sold for dirty bomb? Do you know any details? Lol

(Boory Marks) #22

Spanish isn’t here on the forums, but he/she is quite active on twitter and on discord

(Xenithos) #23

Pleasant surprise to see you around again Boory! Howdydoody!

(K1X455) #24

Not giving up…

Not yet.

(Boory Marks) #25

Hello! It’s a shame that I came back on the forums to discuss something negative instead of coming back to be excited about the game though :frowning:

(pumpkinmeerkat) #26

ggs all :wave:

(Zolerox) #27

I hope that brings the one part of trading i care about.

Special Editions

And maybe loadout cards (the special editions only)

(Xenithos) #28

Let us truly hope. It was a point I made intentionally in my wall of text. :frowning:


Wow, sir. I’m touched. Truly.

…and yep. I’m still here. Haven’t been given the sack, so don’t worry there!

(kittz0r) #30

I mentioned it on Twitter already but why do Game Devs or incompetent Shareholder (who probably don’t know anything about Gaming) expect any Income/Revenue during a Beta?

Shouldn’t 1.0 be the Start to make Money?

Edit: can we now disable Shuffle/restart Votes pls? :smiley:

(Floris) #31

A corollary to that is, why did SD wait so long before releasing 1.0? Wouldn’t the game be in a better state if they decided to release 1.0 a year ago, when the game still had momentum, with a promise of continued updates?

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #32

Hope you guys keep a few servers up even 20 years from now, Diablo 2 is old as dirt and is still kicking. I don’t want to actually try Overwatch now. :vassadly: Thanks for all your work on DB and don’t forget to let us trade special editions, cobalts, and trinkets. :cake_proxy:

(JShug07) #33

I love this guy so much,always wanted to play DB with you but then I had some irl issues and now the game is almost dead

(JShug07) #34

Dirty bomb was actually my first online multiplayer shooting game,my friend suggested me to try this game and I have to say I love this game so much even though I was playing at like 35-50 fps on the lowest settings on 720p,I really wished if they had never removed ranked mode.I made like 35-50 friends and the worst part is my account got hacked and almost all my friends were removed which literally broked my heart,I also miss the old terminal,I just wanna say SD it would be sick if you could bring back the old terminal please do this,I love this game and always will, spent like 600 hours and no regret

Old usernames : jshug007,Nigward07
Current Username : Nigward007

(StIwY) #35

This is what you deserve for removing ranked mode. So long SD.

(ASD) #36

there are comunitiservers with no voting at all… go and find them before they get down also


We still can if you want, add me on steam or discord or something if you’re still up for it lol. The game doesn’t have the same playerbase it used to but it’s still not hard to get a good match <3

(JShug07) #38

Sent you a friend request

(Mc1412013) #39

This post feels like high school graduation. All the thanks and good byes.

Games not dead people. yes we wont be the big comunity we were any more. Most of us will part ways. I probably too will over time fade away from the forums and discord

I dont see my self leaving game anytime soon. The game will definately have a different feel to it knowing theres no events around the corner and such but this isnt different than any other game thats online with no updates only difference is alot of us have been here since alpha and others like me have been here since beta release.

New players will join but none of them will have been on the ride we have been.

Wish sd didnt give up on it and turns this intona side project because this game is definately does not feel finished

@Moobabe we better get one last commander video sounding off from db.

(Captainricky ) #40

to the ‘SD decision maker’:

you put out the 1.0 release,
the game turns to crap with server (and perhaps code) issues,
your dev team hides out for weeks,
and then weeks later players hear that the game is no longer being developed - this done with a simple announcement…kind of like an afterthought…


the players deserved better. total BS, total BS

‘SD decision maker’, please not that ‘how’ this was handled (terribbly) is more important than the game being pulled (it happens, we know, but come on!).

the game has great potential; sell it.

one thing that i hated about DB was the phantom character. when that was introduced it dragged down the entire game and drastically changed it from from a game being based on a player’s skill. any noob playing as phantom could cut down better players with ease, and better players could not defend against it. it was then that i started looking for another game, but came back to DB since it has much to offer (without phantom).

on the positive side, i wish the DB developers well. the youtube vids were great; the game was very good and was on its way to being great.