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I hope I’ll be playing FPS for the remainder of my gaming life too :joy:
But I can feel my reaction time isn’t as sharp as it used to be… :sleeping:

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I hope whoever is left there over at staff HQ can release the nvidia weapon skins (the weapon card icon’s are already done) i just hope the actual skins are done.

Release them to the public (i dunno make it cost 20k credits or something JUST GIVE THEM.)

Talking about these

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Leaving the game on permanent hiatus is a way of saying “If we get the money and the community builds up we might continue it in the future but we’re p sure this game can’t grow and we lost funding.”

To say “we told you so” IS too harsh, and SD realizes they couldn’t deliver on what they wanted, but this is a cut and dry case of what a developer wanted and what a community wanted. We as a community suggested so many improvements, changes, and modifications far beyond whimper whiney weapon balance requests. Changes to the timers, changes to the game modes, changes to the maps, changes to team size, changes to Ranked structure, changes to the social aspects, and all of them were either ignored or met half way. It was too difficult for the top level development to change the game from what they wanted it to be to what it needed to be. And too often the inability to change causes this kind of stuff to happen.

And you can’t blame the devs themselves for it since it’s not usually their fault. It’s a clear outcome of mismanagement at the executive level; the desire for fast cash or a return on a failing investment driving development decisions from the top down more than the community driving it.

And what they did deliver on from community requests, like releasing NEW maps, new mercs, went over amazingly. But they never got away from the RNG, they never got away from the mixed team sizes, they never pushed autobalancing in casual modes, there were a ton of things that remained unchanged… and it was pretty clear when they announced they were bringing back Execution, giving community servers, and shifting competitive to an existing, popular third party outlet, that the development was shutting down.

I haven’t played for the better part of the year for that very reason; the slow roll of 1.0 and the increasingly fewer changes to what the community needed was just… all too clear. They made their best effort in 2017 and, unfortunately, the community needed too much for them to catch up on.

I hope the people working on the game kept their jobs and shifted onto other projects. Everyone there has a lot of talent that was poorly organized on the executive level. Unfortunate.

There isn’t much reason for me to remain here on the forums, save for some stunning turn of events that brings DB development back. I joined the forums in early 2016 itching to help drive changes to a game I enjoyed since beta in June 2015, and I stayed here to continue assisting and keeping my wants heard.

But there’s no need for that anymore.


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Dont forget to send me all your weapon skins before you check out :sparks_ok:

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Could not agree more to this. From my personal standpoint, I consider they’ve been eyes way too big on things that does not count in the first place : Matchmaking (both ranked and CMM), the f2p economic model, their custom UI system are time consuming and threw them in developing things that were not necessary to make a good game. Mostly because they chose a wrong model for their game and thought they could potentially hit a 50 000+ playerbase 24/7 with such a niche genre, as well as expecting to hit a casual audience with it.

They could have hit a bigger audience and actually work on what would keep veterans of fast fps in the first place, which would consequently bring other people in the game. But the game never gathered a strong heavy supporter playerbase. The turnover in the playerbase has been incredible. Because the game lacked of finishing on more important topics than CMM and economic model : Actual work on server to make the game above average on that field, lack of content until 2017, gameplay decisions that were disputable and never got reworked (common spawntimers for both teams on stopwatch, gib after revive, 3 merc deck, no FF-on public servers for more than 3 years, I could fill a book with those…). And yes, making DB free to play was an actual mistake on its own.

Now we’re facing an empty shell : multiplay servers will melt down once again sooner or later, no access to server binaries, no access to actual server management (they mostly forgot to implement a basic rcon system to allow specific commands in multiplayer, so they’ve been forced to lock everything down, including very important features for even basic community development), and no SDK.

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Any developer reaction to my inquiry about those proprietary libs that were used in DB?

We know Autodesk Scaleform is one of them.

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Reluctance about the code might be related to a future interest in rebranding, remanagement or something of that sort.

Those Nvidia skins might be avaiable in a future update fixing the issues with shadowplay.

Don’t get your hopes high, though. These are just conjecture.

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why would they Reply to anything after they said weeks ago that they have to get better at Communication?

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seems like no effort is being exerted there.

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Poke whoever is left here’s my “One Last Push” update suggestions

  1. Nader’s grenades do less damage but more damage on direct hits
  2. Stark get’s its default fire rate back (haven’t used my most played weapon since that update)
  3. Melee swing speed should be a bit less harsh on the cricket bat
  4. Revert the damage changes to turtles shield (it’s weaker then 2 turrets )
  5. Revert the bodyshot damage done to snipers You realise the FEL-IX can’t even 1 shot an aura station?

Balance ideas out of the way here’s what should be in the update (besides balance stuff of course)

Make all special edition weapons cards tradable ‘maybe not tapir’ (literally flipping a switch)

Loadout cards tradable (special editions only) ‘again maybe not founders’

Make contracts “token” refill every 12 hours (24 is horrible) and reduce the XP requirements for some 24k combat xp wtf.

Trinkets tradable maybe?

Release “ALL” obsidians including the older versions

Make weapon Cases tradable (all i want is Aquila and i have 27 coreSEC’s)

And What’s SD’s next title? would anyone here buy it knowing SD has 2 games six feet under

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Founders cards will never be released to everyone

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I said as much look again.

(Your worst knifemare.) #94

Snipers are already unfair to fight against as is. They dont need a buff.

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Well this is sad. I’ve mostly stopped playing sometime ago because years of ET,ETQW and now DB just gave me such tuned muscle memory that it felt like the game was playing itself, at least when pubstomping.

Still, this is the closest SD got to W:ET feel, and thats quite sth, since nobody is getting any younger. I never really minded the ability spam, its just part of the beautiful chaos, on pubs at least.

We can discuss for hours what went wrong but imo it just comes down to money issues: SD had to sell pieces of the game to bullshit partnerships. If only they could make the game they really wanted, and hired a bunch of pros for the buggy UI, performance optimization, and frankly to standardize the workforce, to avoid the thousands and thousands of bugs that should have never showed up in the first place.

Thanks for sticking to your guns as much as possible, it couldnt have been easy to have to compromise. I hope that despite discontinued development this wasn’t a huge money drain.

While games like ET or DB won’t go down in history like the flashy titles with shitloads of marketing, the core gameplay is unique like a few others, and non-compromising.

Thanks also to all the coolcats on the forums, not gonna mention y’all by name, but you know who you are. Hope to see you forumwhoring each next SD original title.


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I guess all good things come to an end…

Another ancient founder here, was kindly invited into the alpha (was it really 7 years ago!?) with nearly 1k hours in DB as a pubscrub. Not played for several months now but had a great ride. Surprised that dev is stopping so soon after 1.0 was released though…

My main problem has always been the f2p model which is basically a death sentence for any form of SDK. I was asked to be in the alpha from my modding background (def not for my aim :D) so was always disappointed at the lack of any modding tools (despite my endless badgering ;)). As an old-school gamer I’d rather just pay for the whole thing up front and be able to mod like back in the good ole days, seems those days are largely gone now. I’m currently playing a bit of QC which has the same problem (no SDK, f2p grind and is dying the death as a result).

Hoping that SD’s next project will ditch the f2p model but stick to the W:ET-style formula we know and love :slight_smile: - and have a damn SDK :smiley:

PS: new forum - where’s my dorito!?

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Didn’t get implemented yet, still waiting to hear what’s happening with that.



I couldn’t find a dorito emoji, but that looks a bit like the shape of one.

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Ewww, it has a hole in it :o

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You said maybe not make founders tradeable but you said to release ALL obsidians including older ones, hence my point, founders are obsidian operatives