QW playing tricks on me


Old QW weirdo here. After what seems to be longest absence of Quake in my humble years of gaming oldskool shooters, I am about to buy a brand new retail copy of the game since years ago I lost my online key. Assist an idiots dead brain, please, in on how idtech4 handles custom text for the GUI part that is not bind to a button, just a label per se. That is, main menu I mess with until about after New Year I can retrieve the new key I can play online on.

Might as well want to freshen up menu moving the buttons around to fit me if you guys remember this anymore lol

I got game patched up 1.5 (retail dvd) and SDK according to the folder name, cant figure the id4 logic of setting different GUI parts in the GUIS folder of the SDK directory.


Case closed. I had lost modding rhythm, though lord, I totally forgot about aspect ratio then after I broke the menu buttons apart realized I no need to touch that *****e. It scales to your screen resolution lol.


Give the GUI files structure a good look. You will learn the engine calls in no time.