Quick/small guide to join a match faster.

(Vocopi) #1

Step 1.
Once you join in the lobby quickly go to the icon of an eye.
You will instantly be placed in the match like so.
Step 2.
Now just pick a side.
Now you’re ready to own some noobs.15 seconds faster!

(SteelMailbox) #2

I honestly think they should just get rid of the deploy time thing since it has no usefulness whatsoever except wasting 15 seconds of our lives…

(Vocopi) #3

Well they said its for a specific reason I do not remember why but I saw a post of someone complaining about the timer and i’ve known about this since the spectate was there so I thought I would share! :slight_smile:

(XavienX) #4

Ohhh, I’m just worried that not all content will be well synced and some glitchy things will happen.
Cause as I’ve copy and pasted many times for the deploy time:
SD has said it’s meant to sync the player’s information like models, loadouts, ranks and skill level when you’re deploying. So even if you’re already in-game screen, you still need to stand there for 15 seconds waiting for the server to sync either way. So they will not change the lock-in or the intro for map startups.

(Vocopi) #5

@Xavien Hmm I have not really noticed anything different from waiting and using this method but then again I have not tested this in the higher quality settings I play on minimal I’ll try to test it out soon enough.

(FalC_16) #6

omg nice workaround!!

Now Splash Damage please! Make a new button for this!

(Vocopi) #7

The only big different I really noticed were the team colors were yellow and purple even after i left spectate mode thats about it and it only happens every once in awhile like this.

(SiegeFace) #8

@Vicious I freaking love ya dude!!!

This should be in game guides…and stickied…

Edit: I wonder how long it takes for this to get patched.

(Vocopi) #9

@SiegeFace I TRY

I give it a week i’ve known about it forever I did not know that no one knew about it or atleast from people I asked and every single response would be “OMG TY”

(Aazhyd) #10

I will definitely try this! Thanx.

(Daergar) #11

Seems like a glitch, but I will sure use it until it’s fixed.

That said, it’d be nice if they actually slotted you into the deployment and not a standard 15 seconds, syncing or no syncing.

(SirSwag) #12

This is very helpful. Thank you. I’m just worried that this may lead to imbalance.

(Vocopi) #13

@Daergar If it’s frowned upon I will take it off ASAP but I mean it seems ok for now and if it is not i’m sure they’ll patch it soon enough.

@SirSwag Mmm What do you mean by imbalance?Like people waiting to switch to a winning team or something like that, cause if so that is already done by many players.

(Jostabeere) #14

I tried it and the game didn’t put me in the game for a long time after my death cooldown went to 00:00.

(Amerika) #15

They told me, multiple times, that the reason why is so you and everyone could load in all the assets gracefully. I disputed this by showing them how you were already loaded in long before the deploy timer was up via a bug that allowed you to see your own model (spamming an F key caused it). They finally changed things somewhat recently to be a lot faster and more in-line with actual loading times.

(Vocopi) #16

@Jostabeere Odd i’ve never had that happen.

(Jostabeere) #17

[quote=“Uli;134466”]@Jostabeere Odd i’ve never had that happen.


I was like…I join, switch to a team, get the death-counter doen to 0 and it stays there for 10-15 secs before I actually spawn.

(ImSploosh) #18

That 588 ping though.

(Szakalot) #19

if you do this you screw up game balance. wait 15sec to get a good game? ill take that

(Jostabeere) #20

[quote=“Sploosh;134486”]That 588 ping though.


And people like him never get kicked while the game kicks me automatically for having a 300 ping on South AM server… :rage: