Query about map packs


Greetings everyone,

I finally have the urge to come back to this game but it would be immensely helpful, if someone could answer some of my questions. Basically, are there any map packs that has only bot supported maps.

I thought it would be better for me to get used to the game along with the maps again and what better way, than to play against bots and maybe in some custom maps . I had searched for a couple of map packs but some of the links just sent me to dead sites and expired links.

Also, during my search…unless I’m mistaken, one requires to have the ETQWPRO or QWTA mod installed, as that’ll install the megatextures correctly from the custom maps or could this be done manually without any of the above mentioned mods installed?

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As to bot support, not sure most custom maps support them. On the megatexture question, it’s so long since I played the game, so I don’t remember exactly.

But all custom maps can be found at:

Almost all files starting with a z, zz, zzz or zmap, are custom maps.

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The best way to get used to custom maps is to play against players. TAW clan plays custom maps in public clan events on Sunday and Tuesday nights in EU and NA regions.


Thanks to the abomination called Windows 10, pretty much every mod and custom map is useless unless extensive tweaking applied. A new mod, Tourney includes almost all custom maps while incorporating functions of Competition Mod, ETQWPro and Tactical Assault with some enhancements and even more. Check TAW|EU Custom–Match Server to download the mod and maps;


As I checked, custom maps with bot support are bundled in couple campaigns. Those are:

Custom 7 map campaign /w bots:

  • Free Spirit City
  • Glory of the Weak
  • Comm Link
  • The Tower
  • Construction Site
  • Team Jungle
  • Facility

NA Smaller Maps /w bots:

  • Abusir
  • Techbuster
  • Team Jungle
  • Vio’s Hangar
  • Dust 2
  • Facility


Thank you for that very helpful link.

Thank you for the suggestion. I got the tourney mod. Strangely, one of the issues I’m facing now is that one of the vanilla maps has the black terrain when I tried to play against bots. It was the Africa campaign map ‘Refinery’ . The same thing was happening with a custom map out of the few I had tested (Some of the other maps seem to be working fine, need to test more I guess.)

Had searched for fixes but it hasn’t been resolved yet. Any of you veterans know how to solve this?

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Tourney mod is being actively developed, therefore you better connect one of the Tourney servers to get latest updates, improvements and new maps every week.

Setting Shader Level medium or high should solve the issue.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, clear materials folder in Tourney’s config directory. Location of that folder:

  • Default ETQW installation on pre-Windows 10 releases:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars\tourney\materials

  • Tourney installer/launcher script version on Windows:


  • Linux:



I found the materials folder at the second location you had specified which is the main game path. Cleared that out, but the black terrain still occurs even after changing the shaders. It also occurs in the Valley and Quarry map.

Would you be willing to upload your materials folder in order to see if this could be fixed. I also checked the megatextures folder in the base game, it only has 12 files which are the map names but it doesn’t have the valley,quarry named files etc. Would this also be a factor for the black terrain to occur?

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It is normal to have 12 files in /etqw/base/megatextures, there are 12 vanilla maps. Here is the content of /etqw/base/megatextures directory:

* area22_lit.mega (sha1sum: 47a3be1726baeadd521ea43d54d8fe53f3420f7e)
* ark_lit.mega (sha1sum: 4e6e7a6ce439a68026cbfe9619ca4c462ba72d3e)
* canyon_lit.mega (sha1sum: 4665fbe901135bb3745e986335a115d2ef2f7763)
* island_lit.mega (sha1sum: 41346fc117f780be0f925aa0f0e26dbe31af582c)
* outskirts_lit.mega (sha1sum: 868d8bb29f2e6ad13cc0126fc2422c479441fada)
* quarry_lit.mega (sha1sum: cd3fabeddd41810970d8867ffa45dc41f41cb4b5)
* refinery_lit.mega (sha1sum: 0fe2ca64bef96b7aa8aa415abd074a781096399a)
* salvage_lit.mega (sha1sum: 9075ce2553272f345f1e071dc1263690df5027ae)
* sewer_lit.mega (sha1sum: 91e32d54189d96e9abca6d092eba9962e8dc1464)
* slipgate_lit.mega (sha1sum: 3e18c9d9a0e9643c06eae7803ce8c411f6ea1163)
* valley_lit.mega (sha1sum: 32c872a2576c6647ee71a895c0b2ad060f7d08f6)
* volcano_lit.meg (sha1sum: c95da2b58abf1b4f01b0f7a1342add7db5c0a8c4)

If your /etqw/base/megatextures directory isn’t like that, then it’s probably corrupted during download or installation. As I clear my materials directory recently and haven’t played a vanilla map since then, there is no vanilla map related file in my materials directory.